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International Symposium On Cadmium Telluride: Physical Properties And Applications 2, Strasbourg : France (1976)
Characterization of undoped high resistivity CdTe grown by a THM method
R. Stuck1, J.C. Muller1, P. Siffert1

Using time of flight technique, it is shown that the level at E v + 0.15 eV, attributed generally to the association of a dopant impurity and a cadmium vacancy, is present in undoped materials. Several methods (TSC, SIMS, nuclear activation) have been used to investigate the nature of this impurity.
1 :  IReS - Institut de Recherches Subatomiques
Physique/Articles anciens
cadmium compounds – crystal growth from melt – II VI semiconductors – impurity electron states – mass spectra – neutron activation analysis – semiconductor growth – thermally stimulated currents – time of flight spectra – undoped high resistivity CdTe – time of flight technique – nuclear activation – travelling heater method growth – impurity level – thermally stimulated current – secondary ion mass spectrometry – II VI semiconductor – carrier mobility
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