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Journal de Physique II 5, 6 (1995) 755-764
Parametrization of 5f-5f Transition Probabilities Between Stark Levels of U 3+ in LiYF4
E. Simoni1, M. Louis1, S. Hubert1, M. Reid

In order to simulate intensities of the 5f-5f transitions of U3+ in LiYF4, we applied the Judd-Ofelt theory. Because of the large crystal-field splitting of the J-multiplets in the actinides, a set of phenomenological intensity parameters Bλkq is introduced to describe the transition probabilities between the crystal-field sublevels of U3+. The intensities of the absorption transitions between the crystal field levels calculated and a set of six phenomenological intensity parameters give a rather good simulation of the experimental intensities, and the applicability of the Judd-Ofelt theory is discussed for the 5f→ 5f transitions of the actinides. From these values, the oscillator strengths between the excited states involved in the laser transition 4I11/2→4I9/2 are calculated and the corresponding radiative lifetime is compared to the experimental one. Moreover, a comparison between the actinide ion U3+ (5f3) and the lanthanide ions Nd3+ (4f3) and Er3+ (4f11) in LiYF4 is made.
1 :  IPNO - Institut de Physique Nucléaire d'Orsay
Physique/Articles anciens

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