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Detecting domain dynamics: Association Rule Extraction and diachronic clustering techniques in support of expertise
Roche I., Ghribi M., Vedovotto N., François C., Besagni D. et al
Dans 1st Global TechMining Conference "Text-mining, Analysis, and Visualization" - 1st Global TechMining Conference "Text-mining, Analysis, and Visualization", États-Unis (2011) [hal-00959386 - version 1]
fulltext access L'enseignement de concept de "parenté" au regard de la démarche expérimentale
Paulin F., Guinet D.
Dans AREF 2010 congrès international - AREF 2010 congrès international, Suisse (2010) [hal-00976344 - version 1]
Kibler M. R.
Dans Monografias de la Real Academia de Ciencias de Zaragoza - International Conference in Commemoration of the Centenary of the Birth of G. Racah (1909-1965) - Zaragoza, Spain, 22-24 February 2010, Espagne (2010) [in2p3-00575948 - version 1]
Studies on project documentation and transmission and the battle against re-innovation
Niccolai G. P., Allagnat J.-P., Buthion S., Fontès J., Guinet D. et al
238th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, France (2009) [halshs-00429279 - version 1]
A Decision-making Tool for a Costly Innovative Technology: The Case of Carbon Ion Radiotherapy
Perrier L., Combs S.E., Auberger T., Zucca L., Näslund I. et al
Journal d'Economie Médicale 25, 7-8 (2008) pp. 367-380 [halshs-00353062 - version 1]
fulltext access From the Mendeleev periodic table to particle physics and back to the periodic table
Kibler M.R.
Foundations of Chemistry 9 (2007) 221-234 [in2p3-00117015 - version 2]
fulltext access Sur la route de Mendeleïev : de la chimie à la physique des particules
Kibler M. R.
La G@zette de l'IPNL 14 (2007) 7-8 [in2p3-00167403 - version 1]
A model to calculate treatment cost per protocol for light ion facility radiotherapy projects in Europe
Carrère M.-O., Perrier L., Pommier P., Rochat J., Zucca L.
5th World congress of the International Health Economics Association, Barcelone, 10th-13th July, 2005, Espagne (2005) [halshs-00266174 - version 1]
Light ion facility projects in Europe: methodological aspects for the calculation of the treatment cost per protocol
Pommier P., Zucca L., Näslund I., Auberger T., E. Combs S. et al
Radiotherapy and Oncology 73, Supplement 2 (2004) 183-185 [halshs-00156706 - version 1]