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Les relations de dispersion a basse energie - Applications a la diffusion $\pi$-N et a la photoproduction.
Giffon M.
(1975) [in2p3-00011233 - version 1]
Elastic and inelastic proton scattering on $^(21)$Ne and $T=1$ states of $^(22)$Na
Chambon B., Desgrolard P., Drain D., Lambert M., Persehaye N.
Physical Review C 12 (1975) 1-13 [in2p3-00010686 - version 1]
Une tentative de reconstruction directe de la matrice de diffusion pp en dessous de 500 MeV
Giffon M.
Dans Physique Nucleaire - Session d'Etudes Biennale de Physique Nucleaire 3, France [in2p3-00010627 - version 1]
Study of $^(48)$V with the $^(50)$Cr(p,$^3$He) reaction at 44.7 MeV
Guichard A., Benenson W., Nann H.
Physical Review C 12 (1975) 806-812 [in2p3-00009346 - version 1]
$^(37)$Cl(p $^3$He)$^(35)$S reaction
Guichard A., Nann H., Wildenthal B.H.
Physical Review C 12 (1975) 1109-1117 [in2p3-00009345 - version 1]
$^(52)$Cr (p $^3$He) $^(50)$V reaction
Guichard A., Benenson W., Markham R.G., Nann H.
Physical Review C 12 (1975) 1780-1788 [in2p3-00009344 - version 1]
Mass measurements of $^(19)$Na and $^(23)$Al using the ($^3$He $^8$Li) reaction
Benenson W., Guichard A., Kashy E., Mueller D., Nann H. et al
Physics Letters B 58 (1975) 46-48 [in2p3-00009338 - version 1]
Direct reconstruction of the PP scattering matrix below 500-MeV an attempt
Giffon M.
Il Nuovo Cimento A 27 (1975) 85- [in2p3-00009270 - version 1]
A target chamber designed for adsorption studies using charged-particles-induced nuclear reactions
Chartoire M., Engerran J., Thomas J.-P., Tousset J.
Thin Solid Films 30 (1975) 311- [in2p3-00018914 - version 1]
Large-depth concentration profile determination using -rays proton-induced reactions
Thomas J.-P., Gréa J.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 126 (1975) 303- [in2p3-00008272 - version 1]
Transmission of fast molecules through solids
Remillieux J.
In Radiation Research Biomedical Chemical and Physical Perspectives - International Radiation Research Congress Meeting 5, United States [in2p3-00013439 - version 1]
On the photodisintegration of the deuteron
Chetouani L., Hammann T.F., Desgrolard P.
Il Nuovo Cimento A 28 (1975) 444-454 [in2p3-00004087 - version 1]
Alpha-particle and lithium-ion backscattering: complementary methods for surface analysis
Tousset J., Thomas J.-P., Cachard A.
Dans Transactions of the American Nuclear Society Supplement - International Nuclear And Atomic Activation Analysis Conference And , Annual Meeting On Analytical Chemistry In Nuclear Technology. 19, États-Unis [in2p3-00004080 - version 1]
The (n$_(th) \alpha$) and (n$_(th) \gamma \alpha$) reactions on $^(143)$Nd $^(149)$Sm and $^(147)$Sm.
Emsallem A., Asghar M.
Dans Neutron Capture Gamma Ray Spectroscopy And Related Topics - International Symposium On Neutron Capture Gamma Ray Spectroscopy And Related Topics 2, Pays-Bas [in2p3-00004073 - version 1]
The equation of state and the magnetic susceptibility of neutron matter with realistic n-n potentials.
Haensel P., Meyer J.
Dans Nuclear self consistent fields - International Conference On Nuclear Self-Consistent Fields, Italie [in2p3-00004072 - version 1]
Neutron matter with recent nonlocal separable nucleon-nucleon potentials
Haensel P., Meyer J.
Acta Physica Polonica B 6 (1975) 749-753 [in2p3-00004060 - version 1]
Analyse par observation directe de reactions nucleaires de l'oxygene et du carbone au voisinage de la surface d'echantillons de bore
Thomas J.-P., Engerran J., Tousset J.
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 25 (1975) 163-177 [in2p3-00007747 - version 1]
A cluster analysis of $^(6,7)$Li by means of ($\alpha$ 2 $\alpha)$ reactions
Mithra B., Laverriere R.
Physics Letters B 58 (1975) 17-20 [in2p3-00004051 - version 1]
The (n$_(th)\alpha$) reaction on $^(95)$Mo $^(123)$Te and $^(145)$Nd
Emsallem A., Asghar M.
Zeitschrift für Physik A 275 (1975) 157-161 [in2p3-00013346 - version 1]
High-spin states in $^(109)$Cd
Meyer M., Béraud R., Daniere J., Rougny R., Rivier J. et al
Physical Review C 12 (1975) 1858-1864 [in2p3-00004050 - version 1]