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Mechanical properties of nanostructured diamond-like carbon films synthesized by low energy cluster beam deposition
Paillard V., Melinon P., Perez J.P., Dupuis V., Perez A. et al
Nanostructured Materials 4 (1994) 759-767 [in2p3-00007565 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Limits on the domain of coupling constants for binding n-body systems with no bound subsystems
Richard J.-M., Fleck S.
Physical Review Letters 73 (1994) 1464-1467 [in2p3-00000525 - version 1]
Lifetimes of the superdeformed band in $^(192)$Hg
Willsau P., Korichi A., Hannachi F., Hubel H., Korten W. et al
Nuclear Physics A 574 (1994) 560-574 [in2p3-00007564 - version 1]
Hydrogen on Pt$_(0.5)Ni_(0.5)$(110) alloying effects upon adsorption
Fallavier M., Benmansour M., Hjorvarsson B., Thomas J.-P., Abon M. et al
Surface Science 311 (1994) 24-32 [in2p3-00007563 - version 1]
Hydrogen adsorption on a Pt$_(50)Ni_(50)$(111) single-crystal alloy studied by NRA tds and $\delta \phi$
Atli A., Abon M., Bertolini J.C., Boudeville Y., Fallavier M. et al
Journal of Physical Chemistry 98 (1994) 4895-4898 [in2p3-00007562 - version 1]
High resolution study of hyperon-nucleon interactions by associated strangeness production in pp collisions
Siebert R., Didelez J.P., Frascaria R., Reposeur T., Warde E. et al
Nuclear Physics A 567 (1994) 819-843 [in2p3-00003525 - version 1]
High quality description of elastic high energy data and prediction on new phenomena
Desgrolard P., Giffon M., Predazzi E.
Zeitschrift für Physik C 63 (1994) 241-252 [in2p3-00000524 - version 1]
High energy gamow-teller strength in double beta decay
Ericson M., Ericson T., Vogel P.
Physics Letters B 328 (1994) 259-263 [in2p3-00000523 - version 1]
Ground state systematics and collective dipole excitations of spheroidally deformed sodium clusters in a diffuse jellium model
Hirschmann T., Brack M., Meyer J.
Computational Materials Sciencee 2 (1994) 450-458 [in2p3-00000522 - version 1]
Inclusive systematics for $^(28)$Si + $^(28)$Si reactions between 20 and 35 MeV per nucleon
Box P.F., Griffioen K.A., Decowski P., Bootsma T., Gierlik E. et al
Physical Review C 50 (1994) 934-951 [in2p3-00007558 - version 1]
Fragmentation of high-energy ionic hydrogen clusters by single collision with helium
Ouaskit S., Farizon B., Farizon M., Gaillard M.J., Chevarier A. et al
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry and Ion Processes 139 (1994) 141-146 [in2p3-00007557 - version 1]
First observation of a superdeformed nucleus produced in an $\alpha$ xn reaction channel
Duprat J., Gall B.J.P., Porquet M.G., Hannachi F., Azaiez F. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 349 (1994) 5-6 [in2p3-00002460 - version 1]
Explosive multifragmentation in the $^(32)$s + $^(27)$al reaction at 37.5 mev/nucleon
Heuer D., Chabane A., Brandan M.E., Charvet M., Cole A.J. et al
Physical Review C 50 (1994) 1943-1951 [in2p3-00007556 - version 1]
Experimental survey of the $(\vec(d),t)$ reaction at $E_d$=200 MeV
Van de Wiele J., Langevin-Joliot H., Jourdan F., Guillot J., Gerlic E. et al
Physical Review C 50 (1994) 2935-2946 [in2p3-00007555 - version 1]
Equilibrium deformations of rotating nuclei in a self-consistent semiclassical approach
Chabanat E., Meyer J., Bencheikh K., Quentin P., Bartel J.
Physics Letters B 325 (1994) 13-16 [in2p3-00000500 - version 1]
Electronic capture and excitation of highly charged channeled ions
Andriamonje S., Blank B., Del Moral R., Dufour J.P., Faux L. et al
Dans Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B - International Conference On X-Ray And Inner-Shell Processes'93 16, Hongrie [in2p3-00014369 - version 1]
Energy loss by mev carbon clusters and fullerene ions in solids
Baudin K., Brunelle A., Chabot M., Della-Negra S., Depauw J. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 94 (1994) 341-344 [in2p3-00003520 - version 1]
Dissociation cross sections of ionic hydrogen clusters by collisions with helium at 60 kev/amu
Ouaskit S., Farizon B., Farizon M., Gaillard M.J., Gerlic E.
Physical Review A: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 49 (1994) 1484-1486 [in2p3-00002459 - version 1]
Development of a new Sara/Igisol technique for the study of short-lived products from heavy-ion-induced fusion-evaporation reactions
Béraud R., Emsallem A., Astier A., Bouvier R., Duffait R. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 346 (1994) 196-204 [in2p3-00012961 - version 1]
Deexcitation of primary projectile-like fragments in the reaction $^(40)$Ca + $^(nat)$Cu at 35 MeV/nucleon : comparison with sequential binary decay and percolation models
Lleres A., Cole A.J., Desesquelles P., Giorni A., Heuer D. et al
Physical Review C 50 (1994) 1973-1981 [in2p3-00007553 - version 1]