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Journal of Instrumentation 7 (2012) P04009
First test of a power-pulsed electronics system on a GRPC detector in a 3-Tesla magnetic field
L. Caponetto1, C. Combaret1, C. De La Taille2, F. Dulucq2, R. Kieffer1, I. Laktineh1, N. Lumb1, L. Mirabito1, N. Seguin-Moreau2

An important technological step towards the realization of an ultra-granular hadronic calorimeter to be used in the future International Linear Collider (ILC) experiments has been made. A 33X50 cm2 GRPC detector equipped with a power-pulsed electronics board offering a 1cm2 lateral segmentation was successfully tested in a 3-Tesla magnet operating at the H2 beam line of the CERN SPS. An important reduction of power consumption with no deterioration of the detector performance is obtained when the power-pulsing mode is applied. This important result shows that ultra-granular calorimeters for ILC experiments are not only an attractive but also a realistic option.
1 :  IPNL - Institut de Physique Nucléaire de Lyon
2 :  LAL - Laboratoire de l'Accélérateur Linéaire
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