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Physical Review D 86 (2012) 111701(R)
LHC sensitivity to the decay of a Higgs boson to tau mu
S. Davidson1, P. Verdier1

We study the sensitivity of the LHC, with 20 inverse-fb of data, to lepton flavour violating Higgs boson decays h -> tau+ mu- (and h -> tau+ e-). We consider the large population of Higgses produced in gluon fusion, combined with leptonic decays of the tau, and estimate that the LHC could set a 95 % confidence level bound BR(h -> tau mu) < 4.5 \times 10^{-3}. This correponds to a coupling of order the Cheng-Sher ansatz y_{tau mu} = sqrt{m_tau m_mu/v^2}.
1 :  IPNL - Institut de Physique Nucléaire de Lyon
Physique/Physique des Hautes Energies - Phénoménologie
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