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Spectroscopy of the $^(70,72)$Ge isotopes and structure of low-lying states of the $^(70,72,74,76)$Ge isotopes by (pp') inelastic scattering at 22 MeV
Rosier L.H., Jabbour J., Ramstein B., Avignon P., Tamisier R.
Nuclear Physics A 453 (1986) 389-416 [in2p3-00016711 - version 1]
Proton inelastic scattering by the even-Ge isotopes at e$^((p))$=22 mev
Avignon P., Rosier L.H., Tamisier R., Ramstein B., Delaroche J.P.
Dans Light Ion Reaction Mechanism - 1983 Rcnp International Symposium On Light Ion Reaction Mechanism, Japon [in2p3-00007434 - version 1]