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Projectile-fission of 750.A MeV $^(238)$U discovery and first investigation of very neutron rich isotopes
Armbruster P., Bernas M., Engelmann C., Czajkowski S., Ameil F. et al
Dans INPC98. Abstracts of contributed papers vol 1 - International Nuclear Physics Conference INPC 98, France [in2p3-00014374 - version 1]
Beta-decay half-lives of very neutron-rich isotopes of elements from Ti to Ni
Ameil F., Bernas M., Armbruster P., Czajkowski S., Dessagne P. et al
European Physical Journal A 1 (1998) 275-283 [in2p3-00000128 - version 1]
Mesure de periodes de 22 isotopes tres excedentaires en neutrons de la region Ti-Ni produits par fragmentation de $^(86)$K a 500 A.MeV
Ameil F.
Université Blaise Pascal - Clermont-Ferrand II (1997) [in2p3-00014890 - version 1]
Discovery and cross-section measurement of 58 new fission products in projectile-fission of 750.A MeV ^(238)U
Bernas M., Engelmann C., Armbruster P., Czajkowski S., Ameil F. et al
Physics Letters B 415 (1997) 111-116 [in2p3-00014295 - version 1]
$\beta$-decay half-life measurements of very neutron-rich $^(86)$Kr fragments
Ameil F., Armbruster P., Bernas M., Czajkowski S., Dessagne P. et al
Dans ENAM 95 International conference on exotic nuclei and atomic masses - International Conference On Exotic Nuclei And Atomic Masses ENAM 95, France [in2p3-00014619 - version 1]