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Physicochemical behavior of uranium and technetium in some new stages of the nuclear fuel cycle
Peretrukhin V.F., Moisy F., G. Maslennikov A., Simonoff M., Yu. Tsivadze A. et al
Russian Journal of General Chemistry 78 (2008) 1031-1046 [in2p3-00421664 - version 1]
Double photoexcitation involving 2p and 4f electrons in L-3-edge x-ray absorption spectra of protactinium
Hennig C., Le Naour C., Den Auwer C.
Physical Review B 77 (2008) 235102 [in2p3-00421652 - version 1]
Deformation properties of the Barcelona-Catania-Paris (BCP) energy density functional
M. Robledo L., Baldo M., Schuck P., Viñas X.
Physical Review C 77 (2008) 051301 [in2p3-00421554 - version 1]
Extended random-phase approximation with three-body ground-state correlations
Tohyama M., Schuck P.
European Physical Journal A 36 (2008) 349-357 [in2p3-00421548 - version 1]
Kohn-Sham density functional inspired approach to nuclear binding
Baldo M., Schuck P., Viñas X.
Physics Letters B 663 (2008) 390-394 [in2p3-00421541 - version 1]
Solvation of UCl62- anionic complex by MeBu3N+, BuMe2IM+, and BuMeIm(+) cations
Boss E., Den Auwer C., Berthon C., Guilbaud P., S. Grigoriev M. et al
Inorganic Chemistry 47 (2008) 5746-5755 [in2p3-00421531 - version 1]
Study of Alpha Decay of Super Heavy Elements Using S-Matrix and WKB Methods
Prema P., . Mahadevan S., S. Shastry C., Bhagwat A., K. Gambhir Y.
International Journal of Modern Physics E 17 (2008) 611-629 [in2p3-00421383 - version 1]
Search for the Theta+ via the K+p-->pi+X reaction with a 1.2 GeV/c K+ beam
Miwa K., Dairaku S., Nakajima D., Ajimura S., Arvieux J. et al
Physical Review C 77 (2008) 045203 (10) [in2p3-00421359 - version 1]
Exploring the Ultra-High Energy Sky: Status and First Results of the Pierre Auger Observatory
Van Elewyck V.
Modern Physics Letters A 23 (2008) 221-236 [in2p3-00421282 - version 1]
The inverse problem in the case of bound states
Yekken R., Ighezou F.Z., Lombard R.J.
Annals of Physics 323 (2008) 61-81 [in2p3-00421207 - version 1]
Tests of non-standard electroweak couplings of right-handed quarks
Bernard V., Oertel M., Passemar E., Stern J.
Journal of High Energy Physics 01(2008) (2008) 015 [in2p3-00421196 - version 1]
Boson-fermion pairing in Bose-Fermi mixtures on one-dimensional optical lattices
Barillier-Pertuisel X., Pittel S., Pollet L., Schuck P.
Physical Review A: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 77 (2008) 012115 [in2p3-00421184 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Radial quadrupole and scissors modes in trapped Fermi gases across the BCS phase transition
Urban M.
[in2p3-00411115 - version 1] (26/08/2009)
High-Spin States of $^(84, 85)Br: Mapping the Proton Sub-Shells towards $^(78)$Ni
Astier A., Porquet M.G., Venkova T., Deloncle I., Azaiez F. et al
In AIP Conference Proceedings - Frontiers in Nuclear Structure and Reactions (FINUSTAR 2), Greece (2007) [in2p3-00408032 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Di-neutron correlation in light neutron-rich nuclei
Hagino K., Sagawa H., Schuck P.
[in2p3-00396365 - version 1] (17/06/2009)
A fitter code for Deep Virtual Compton Scattering and Generalized Parton Distributions
Guidal M.
European Physical Journal A 37 (2008) 319-332 [in2p3-00388966 - version 1]
Study of β-delayed charged particle emission of 11Li: evidence of new decay channels
Madurga M., Borge M.J.G., Angélique J.C., Bao L., Bergmann U. et al
In Journal of Physics: Conference Series - 9th International Conference on Clustering Aspects of Nuclear Structure and Dynamics (CLUSTERS'07), United Kingdom (2007) [in2p3-00388599 - version 1]
fulltext access Time-like observables: differential cross section and angular asymmetry
Marchand D., Hennino T., Kunne R., Ong S., Ramstein B. et al
Rapport de recherche (2008) 36 [in2p3-00374971 - version 2]
Low-energy excitations in nuclear systems: From exotic nuclei to the crust of neutron stars
Grasso M., Khan E., Margueron J., Van Giai N.
Nuclear Physics A 807 (2008) 1-10 [in2p3-00368860 - version 1]
Deformed quasiparticle-random-phase approximation for neutron-rich nuclei using the Skyrme energy density functional
Yoshida K., Van Giai N.
Physical Review C 78 (2008) 064316 [in2p3-00364684 - version 1]