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Blanpied G., Blecher M., Caracappa A., Djalali C., Duval M. et al
Dans Journal de Physique Colloques - International Conference on Polarization Phenomena in Nuclear Physics 7, France (1990) [jpa-00230927 - version 1]
Hyperon-nucleon final-state interaction in a pp $\rightarrow$ K$^+$ X experiment and the H$^+_l$(2130) S=-1 strange dibaryon
Frascaria R., Siebert R., Didelez J.P., Blanpied G., Reposeur T. et al
Dans Il Nuovo Cimento A - International Symposium on Hypernuclear and Low-Energy Kaon Physics, Italie [in2p3-00016394 - version 1]
Search for strange sixquark states in pp $\rightarrow$ K$^+$ X missing mass spectra
Frascaria R., Siebert R., Didelez J.P., Blanpied G., Boivin M. et al
Dans Few-Body Systems Supplementum - European Conference on Few-Body Physics.11 Few-body problems in particle nuclear atomic and molecular physics, France [in2p3-00016625 - version 1]