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On the distribution of the total energy of a system of non-interacting fermions: random matrix and semiclassical estimates
Bohigas O., Leboeuf P., Sanchez M.J.
Dans Physica D - Sputnik Conference of STATPHYS 20 In honor of Boris Chirikov, France [in2p3-00002629 - version 1]
Distribution of eigenvalues of certain matrix ensembles
Bogomolny E., Bohigas O., Pato M.P.
Physical Review E: Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics 55 (1997) 6707-6718 [in2p3-00000754 - version 1]
fulltext access The Random Link Approximation for the Euclidean Traveling Salesman Problem
Cerf N., Boutet De Monvel J., Bohigas O., Martin O., Percus A.
Journal de Physique I 7, 1 (1997) 117-136 [jpa-00247320 - version 1]
Quantum chaotic dynamics and random polynomials
Bogomolny E., Bohigas O., Leboeuf P.
Journal of Statistical Physics 85 (1996) 639-679 [in2p3-00001835 - version 1]
Universal fluctuations of quasi-optimal paths of the travelling salesman problem
Mendez R.A., Valladares A., Flores J., Seligman T.H., Bohigas O.
Physica A 232 (1996) 554-562 [in2p3-00000943 - version 1]
Chaotic dynamics and the GOE-GUE transition
Bohigas O., Giannoni M.J., Ozorio De Almeida A.M., Schmit C.
Nonlinearity 8 (1995) 203-221 [in2p3-00003022 - version 1]
New evidence of GOE statistics for compound nuclear resonances
Lombardi M., Bohigas O., Seligman T.H.
Physics Letters B 324 (1994) 263-266 [in2p3-00004849 - version 1]
Manifestations of classical phase space structures in quantum mechanics
Bohigas O., Tomsovic S., Ullmo D.
Physics Reports 223 (1993) 43-133 [in2p3-00014826 - version 1]
Quantum tunneling and chaotic dynamics
Bohigas O., Boose D., Egydio De Carvalho R., Marvulle V.
Nuclear Physics A 560 (1993) 197-210 [in2p3-00002386 - version 1]
Distribution of roots of random polynomials
Bogomolny E., Bohigas O., Leboeuf P.
Physical Review Letters 68 (1992) 2726-2729 [in2p3-00004754 - version 1]
Spectral fluctuations and transport in phase space
Smilansky U., Tomsovic S., Bohigas O.
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 25 (1992) 3261-3273 [in2p3-00002328 - version 1]
Random matrix theories and chaotic dynamics
Bohigas O.
Dans Chaos et physique quantique Chaos and quantum physics - Chaos et Physique Quantique Chaos And Quantum Physics, France [in2p3-00005025 - version 1]
Dynamical quasidegeneracies and separation of regular and irregular quantum levels
Bohigas O., Tomsovic S., Ullmo D.
Physical Review Letters 64 (1990) 1479-1482 [in2p3-00004759 - version 1]
Momentum distribution in heavy nuclei
Stringari S., Traini M., Bohigas O.
Nuclear Physics A 516 (1990) 33-40 [in2p3-00022531 - version 1]
Classical transport effects on chaotic levels
Bohigas O., Tomsovic S., Ullmo D.
Physical Review Letters 65 (1990) 5-8 [in2p3-00022543 - version 1]
Strongly chaotic and mixed systems: some classical and quantum properties
Bohigas O., Giannoni M.J., Schmit C., Tomsovic S., Ullmo D.
Comments on Atomic and Molecular Physics 25 (1990) 31-48 [in2p3-00022766 - version 1]
Level repulsion in the spectrum of two-dimensional harmonic oscillators
Pandey A., Bohigas O., Giannoni M.J.
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 22 (1989) 4083-4088 [in2p3-00016400 - version 1]
Aspects of chaos in nuclear physics
Bohigas O., Weidenmueller H.A.
Dans Annual review of nuclear and particle science vol 38 (1988) 421-453 [in2p3-00016468 - version 1]
The compound nucleus: a classically chaotic quantum system
Bohigas O.
Dans Nuclear Physics - International Nuclear Physics Conference 86, Royaume-Uni [in2p3-00010070 - version 1]
Deuteron bremsstrahlung-weighted photonuclear sum rule
Bohigas O., Lipparini E.
Physical Review C 36 (1987) 2150-2151 [in2p3-00005906 - version 1]