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Complexation of Lanthanide(III) and Actinide(III) Catins with Tridentate Nitrogen-Donor Ligands: A Luminescence and Spectrophotometric Study
Miguirditchian M., Guillaneux D., François N., Airvault S., Ducros S. et al
Nuclear Science and Engineering 153 (2006) 223-232 [in2p3-00090168 - version 1]
Laser spectroscopy and crystal field analysis of Cm$^(3+)$diluted in Cs$_2$NaYCl$_6$
Murdoch K.M., Cavellec R., Simoni E., Karbowiak M., Hubert S. et al
Journal of Chemical Physics 108 (1998) 6353-6161 [in2p3-00003975 - version 1]
$U^3+$ new activator ion in various fluoride matrices for infrared laser: synthesis and optical properties
Hubert S., Illemassene M., Simoni E.
Optical Materials 8 (1997) 135-141 [in2p3-00000618 - version 1]