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Upconversion fluorescence of Er3+ trace impurity ions and Raman study in K2YF5 : 0.1 mol% TM3+ single crystal
Wang D.Y., Yin M., Xia S.D., Makhov V.N., Khaidukov N.M. et al
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 368 (2004) 337-341 [in2p3-00021825 - version 1]
Persistent luminescence phenomena in materials doped with rare earth ions
Aitasalo T., Deren P., Holsa J., Jungner H., Krupa J.-C. et al
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 171 (2003) 114-122 [in2p3-00012889 - version 1]
Comparison of UV optical absorption and UV excited luminescence behaviours in Ge doped silica under H$_2$ loading or CW UV laser irradiation
Poumellec B., Douay M., Krupa J.-C., Garapon J., Niay P.
Journal of Non Crystalline Solids 317 (2003) 319-334 [in2p3-00012606 - version 1]
Excitation spectroscopy of K$_2$YF$_5$:Pr$^(3+)$ crystals
Yin M., Krupa J.-C., Antic-Fidancev E., Makhov V.N., Khaidukov N.M.
Journal of Luminescence 101 (2003) 79-85 [in2p3-00012500 - version 1]
Rare earth tungsten bronzes: a new method of synthesis. Perspectives for their application as inert matrices for transmutation of long-life actinide elements
Bessonov A.A., Fedosseev A.M., Krupa J.-C., Shirokova I.B., Budantseva N.A.
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 169 (2002) 182-188 [in2p3-00012401 - version 1]
Luminescence study of new Ln(III) compounds formed with Anderson's heteropolyanions Al(OH)$_6$Mo$_6$O$_(18)$$^(3-)$ and Cr(OH)$_6$Mo$_6$O$_(18)$$^(3-)$
Yusov A.B., Yin M., Fedosseev A.M., Andreev G.B., Shirokova I.B. et al
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 344 (2002) 289-292 [in2p3-00012362 - version 1]
Dose rate and temperature effects in radiation disorder creation in SrTiO$_3$
Sabathier C., Chaumont J., Krupa J.-C.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 196 (2002) 308-314 [in2p3-00012032 - version 1]
Spectroscopic studies of Er$^(3+)$ centers in KYF$_4$
Yin M., Makhov V.-N., Khaidukov N., Krupa J.-C.
Dans Journal of Alloys and Compounds - International Conference on Excited States of Transition Elements 5 ESTE5, Pologne [in2p3-00012356 - version 1]
Competition between disorder creation and annealing in fluoroapatite nuclear waste forms
Chaumont J., Soulet S., Krupa J.-C., Carpena J.
Journal of Nuclear Materials 301 (2002) 122-128 [in2p3-00011433 - version 1]
Irradiation-disorder creation in SrTiO$_3$
Soulet S., Chaumont J., Sabathier C., Krupa J.-C.
Journal of Materials Research 17 (2002) 9-13 [in2p3-00011238 - version 1]
XPS studies of the energy band structure of three Y3+-based fluoride
Kirikova N.-Y., Krupa J.-C., Makhov V.-N., Severac C.
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 122 (2002) 85-89 [in2p3-00011179 - version 1]
Site selective optical spectroscopy of Pr3+ in CsGd2F7
Yin M., Makhov V.-N., Khaidukov N.-M., Krupa J.-C.
Journal of Luminescence 94 (2001) 97-100 [in2p3-00011181 - version 1]
Luminescence of CsGd2F7 : Er3+, Dy3+ under VUV excitation
Belsky A.-N., Khaidukov N.-M., Krupa J.-C., Makhov V.-N., Philippov A.
Journal of Luminescence 94 (2001) 45-49 [in2p3-00011180 - version 1]
Determination of the defect creation mechanism in the mono-silicated fluoroapatite. Disorder modeling under repository conditions
Soulet S., Carpena J., Chaumont J., Krupa J.-C., Ruault M.O.
Journal of Nuclear Materials 299 (2001) 227-234 [in2p3-00019747 - version 1]
Simulation of the $\alpha$-annealing effect in apatitic structures by He-ion irradiation: Influence of the silicate/phosphate ratio and of the OH$^-$/F$^-$ substitution
Soulet S., Carpena J., Chaumont J., Kaitasov O., Ruault M.O. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 184 (2001) 383-390 [in2p3-00019704 - version 1]
VUV spectroscopy of luminescent materials for plasma display panels and Xe discharge lamps
Justel T., Krupa J.-C., Wiechert D.-U.
Journal of Luminescence 93 (2001) 179-189 [in2p3-00010388 - version 1]
Apprehender l'invisible ou les materiaux scintillateurs
Krupa J.-C.
IPN Science 3 (2001) 17-23 [in2p3-00019668 - version 1]
Mechanism of trivalent actinide/lanthanide separation using bis(2,4,4-trimethylpentyl) dithiophosphinic acid (Cyanex 301) and neutral O-bearing co-extractant synergistic mixtures
Ionova G., Ionov S., Rabbe C., Hill C., Madic C. et al
Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange 19 (2001) 391-414 [in2p3-00010026 - version 1]
Absorption and fluorescence spectra of Pr$^(3+)$ in YPO$_4$
Lian R., Yin M., Zhang W., Lou L., Krupa J.-C.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 311 (2000) 97-99 [in2p3-00008946 - version 1]
Luminescence analysis and subsequent revision of the crystal structure of triclinic L-EuBO3
Corbel G., Leblanc M., Antic Fidancev E., Lemaitre Blaise M., Krupa J.-C.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 287 (1999) 71-78 [in2p3-00003762 - version 1]