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Correlation between $^(31)$P NMR and X-ray diffraction data in the refinement of the atomic positions of the thorium phosphate-diphosphate crystal structure
Pichot E., Emery J., Quarton M., Dacheux N., Brandel V. et al
Materials Research Bulletin 36 (2001) 1347-1359 [in2p3-00009950 - version 1]
Preliminary study of irradiation effects on thorium phosphate-diphosphate
Pichot E., Dacheux N., Emery J., Chaumont J., Brandel V. et al
Journal of Nuclear Materials 289 (2001) 219-226 [in2p3-00008864 - version 1]
Investigation of $^(137)$Cs$^+,^(85)$Sr$^(2+)$ and $^(241)$Am$^(3+)$ ion exchange on thorium phosphate hydrogenphosphate and their immobilization in the thorium phosphate diphosphate
Pichot E., Dacheux N., Brandel V., Genet M.
New Journal of Chemistry 12 (2000) 1017-1023 [in2p3-00007260 - version 1]
Le Phosphate Diphosphate de Thorium matrice pour le conditionnement des dechets radioactifs : immobilisation des radionucleides - comportement sous irradiation
Pichot E.
Université Paris Sud - Paris XI (1999) [in2p3-00014892 - version 1]
Chemical conditions of synthesis of $Th_4(PO_4)_4 P_2 O_7$- Preparation of Thorium Phosphate-Hydrogenphosphate as precursor
Brandel V., Dacheux N., Pichot E., Genet M.
Chemistry of Materials 10 (1998) 345-350 [in2p3-00001129 - version 1]