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Local structure of actinide dioxide solid solutions Th$_(1-x)$U$_x$O$_2$ and Th$_(1-x)$Pu$_x$O$_2$
Hubert S., Purans J., Heisbourg G., Moisy P., Dacheux N.
Inorganic Chemistry 45 (2006) 3887-3894 [in2p3-00116979 - version 1]
Structural Investigation of Pd(II) in Concentrated Nitric and Perchloric Acid Solutions by XAFS
Purans J., Fourest B., Cannes C., Sladkov V., David F. et al
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 109 (2005) 11074-11082 [in2p3-00025649 - version 1]
fulltext access XAFS study of local structure with picometer accuracy: Th$_(1-x)$U$_x$O$_2$ and Th$_(1-x)$Pu$_x$O$_2$ solid solutions
Purans J., Heisbourg G., Dacheux N., Moisy P., Hubert S.
Dans Physica Scripta - 12th X-ray Absorption Fine Structure International Conference XAFS12, Suède [in2p3-00024272 - version 1]