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Decays of $^(108m+g)$In and $^(106m+g)$In
Roussiere B., Kilcher P., Sauvage-Letessier J., Bourgeois C., Béraud R. et al
Nuclear Physics A 419 (1984) 61-76 [in2p3-00004123 - version 1]
beta$^+$ EC decay of $^(181)$Au: gamma -ray identification
Braganca-Gil F., Bourgeois C., Kilcher P., Parot G., Porquet M.G. et al
Portugaliae Physica 15 (1984) 59-64 [in2p3-00014618 - version 1]
Shape coexistence in the odd-odd $^(186)$Au nucleus
Porquet M.G., Bourgeois C., Kilcher P., Sauvage-Letessier J.
Nuclear Physics A 411 (1983) 65-80 [in2p3-00014620 - version 1]
Decays of $^(185m+g)$Hg: low-spin levels of $^(185)$Au as a test of nuclear models
Bourgeois C., Kilcher P., Roussiere B., Sauvage-Letessier J., Porquet M.G.
Nuclear Physics A 386 (1982) 308-332 [in2p3-00014623 - version 1]
Low-energy collective and single-particle excitations
Quentin P., Libert J., Meyer M., Sauvage-Letessier J.
Dans Neutron-Capture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy and Related Topics - International Symposium on Neutron-Capture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy and Related Topics 4, France [in2p3-00001736 - version 1]
Deformation properties of osmium platinum mercury isotopes from self-consistent calculations
Sauvage-Letessier J., Quentin P., Flocard H.
Nuclear Physics A 370 (1981) 231-255 [in2p3-00017280 - version 1]