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Preparation of Optimized Uranium and Thorium Bearing Brabantite or Monazite/Brabantite Solid Solutions
Terra O., Dacheux N., Clavier N., Podor R., Audubert F.
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 91 (2008) 3673-3682 [in2p3-00357534 - version 1]
Actinide solubility-controlling phases during the dissolution of phosphate ceramics
Du Fou De Kerdaniel E., Clavier N., Dacheux N., Terra O., Podor R.
Dans Journal of Nuclear Materials - E-MRS 2006 : Symposium N, (2006) [in2p3-00259095 - version 1]
Solid-State Synthesis of Monazite-type Compounds Containing Tetravalent Elements
Bregiroux D., Terra O., Audubert F., Dacheux N., Serin V. et al
Inorganic Chemistry 46 (2007) 10372-10382 [in2p3-00211884 - version 1]
fulltext access Synthesis and characterization of thorium-bearing britholites
Terra O., Audubert F., Dacheux N., Guy C., Podor R.
Journal of Nuclear Materials 354 (2006) 49-65 [in2p3-00119645 - version 1]
Immobilization of tetravalent actinides in phosphate ceramics
Terra O., Dacheux N., Audubert F., Podor R.
In Journal of Nuclear Materials - E-MRS 2005 Spring Meeting Symposium N on Nuclear Materials (including the 10th Inert Matrix Fuel Workshop), France [in2p3-00087842 - version 1]
fulltext access Incorporation d'actinides tétravalents dans trois matrices phosphatées : britholite, monazite/brabantite et Phosphate-Diphosphate de Thorium (Bêta-PDT)
Terra O.
Université Paris Sud - Paris XI (04/03/2005), Dacheux N. (Dir.) [tel-00008953 - version 1]
Immobilisation of actinides in phosphate matrices
Dacheux N., Clavier N., Robisson A.-C., Terra O., Audubert F. et al
Comptes Rendus Chimie 7 (2004) 1141-1152 [in2p3-00025655 - version 1]
Preparation and characterization of lanthanum-gadolinium monazites as ceramics for radioactive waste storage
Terra O., Clavier N., Dacheux N., Podor R.
New Journal of Chemistry 27 (2003) 957-967 [in2p3-00023826 - version 1]