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Hydration and entropy model for ionic and covalent monatomic ions
David F., Vokhmin V.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A 105 (2001) 9704-9709 [in2p3-00010606 - version 1]
Water characteristics depend on the ionic environment. Thermodynamics and modelisation of the aquo ions
David F., Vokhmin V., Ionova G.
Journal of Molecular Liquids 90 (2001) 45-62 [in2p3-00009251 - version 1]
Aquo ions of some trivalent actinides: EXAFS data and thermodynamic consequences
David F., Fourest B., Hubert S., Le Du J.F., Revel R. et al
Dans Speciation, techniques and facilities for radioactive materials at synchrotron light sources - Workshop on Speciation, Techniques and Facilities for Radioactive Materials at Synchrotron Light Sources, France [in2p3-00003148 - version 1]