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Alignment of transferred angular momentum in deeply inelastic collisions from discrete gamma -ray angular correlations
Puigh R.J., Doubre H., Lazzarini A., Seamster A., Vandenbosch R. et al
Nuclear Physics A 336 (1980) 279-289 [in2p3-00017232 - version 1]
Correlation studies of rotational behavior at very high angular momentum
Deleplanque M.A., Stephens F.S., Andersen O., Garrett J.D., Herskind B. et al
Physical Review Letters 45 (1980) 172-175 [in2p3-00017214 - version 1]
The determination of hexadecapole deformation parameters in actinide nuclei and their variation near the nuclear surface
Quentin P., Brissaud I., Swiniarski R. D.
Zeitschrift für Physik A 298 (1980) 37-40 [in2p3-00017212 - version 1]
Test of 600 and 750 MeV NN matrix on elastic scattering Glauber model calculations
Brissaud I.
Zeitschrift für Physik A 294 (1980) 287-288 [in2p3-00017210 - version 1]
Single-particle and core-excited states in $^(49)$Sc. Pt. 2
Fortier S., Fodor-Lovas I., Hourani E., Maison J.M., Schapira J.P.
Nuclear Physics A 346 (1980) 303-323 [in2p3-00017186 - version 1]
Proton-$^4$He elastic scattering at intermediate energies
Moss G.A., Greeniaus L.G., Cameron J.M., Hutcheon D.A., Liljestrand R.L. et al
Physical Review C 21 (1980) 1932-1943 [in2p3-00017181 - version 1]
Excitation of isovector giant resonances by inelastic scattering of positive pions on $^(90)$Zr at 226 MeV
Marty N., Morlet M., Willis A., Perrin C., Beveridge J.L. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 298 (1980) 149-152 [in2p3-00017171 - version 1]
Excitation of giant resonances by inelastic pion scattering
Marty N., Morlet M., Willis A., Perrin C., Beveridge J.L. et al
In Helvetica Physica Acta - Spring Meeting of the Swiss Physical Society, Switzerland [in2p3-00017170 - version 1]
Differential cross section and analyzing power for backward pions in $^2$H($p,\pi^+)^3$H
Auld E.G., Johnson R.R., Jones G., Mathie E.L., Walden P. et al
Physics Letters B 93 (1980) 258-261 [in2p3-00017163 - version 1]
Experimental study of excitation functions and isomer ratios for $^(211,212)$Po
Didelez J.P., Lieder R.M., Beuscher H., Haenni D.R., Machner H. et al
Nuclear Physics A 341 (1980) 421-439 [in2p3-00017126 - version 1]
First excited states of $^(106)$Sn
Auger G., Lagrange J.M., Pautrat M., Vanhorenbeeck J.
Journal of Physics G 6 (1980) L95-L97 [in2p3-00017118 - version 1]
$^(189,191)$Pt via the (p,d) reaction
Kalifa J., Berrier-Ronsin G., Vergnes M., Rotbard G., Vernotte J. et al
Physical Review C 22 (1980) 997-1001 [in2p3-00017110 - version 1]
States in $^(193)$Pt using the (pt) reaction
Rotbard G., Berrier-Ronsin G., Vergnes M., Kalifa J., Vernotte J. et al
Physical Review C 21 (1980) 1232-1238 [in2p3-00017105 - version 1]
Neutron rich $^(73)$Ga and $^(79)$As isotopes via the ($\alpha$, p) reaction
Rotbard G., Vergnes M., Berrier-Ronsin G., Vernotte J.
Physical Review C 21 (1980) 2293-2302 [in2p3-00017099 - version 1]
On the yrast levels of $^(106-108)$Sn
Auger G., Albouy G., Roulet C., Sergolle H., Kerek A. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 296 (1980) 319-322 [in2p3-00017084 - version 1]
Neutron hole states in $^(207,206,205)$Pb isotopes via the ($^3$He, $\alpha$) reaction at 100 MeV
Guillot J., Van de Wiele J., Langevin-Joliot H., Gerlic E., Didelez J.P. et al
Physical Review C 21 (1980) 879-895 [in2p3-00017056 - version 1]
The behavior of high-energy neutron pairing strength in the samarium isotopes
Struble G.L., Mann L.G., Lanier R.G., Buckley W.M., Kern J. et al
Physics Letters B 93 (1980) 26-30 [in2p3-00017031 - version 1]
Neutron-hole distributions in $^(111,115,119)$Sn as observed in the ($^3$He, $\alpha$) reaction
Gerlic E., Berrier-Ronsin G., Duhamel G., Gales S., Hourani E. et al
Physical Review C 21 (1980) 124-146 [in2p3-00017012 - version 1]
Mass of $^(146)$Gd and $^(147)$Gd and shell closure at Z = 64
Pardo R.C., Gales S., Ronningen R.M., Harwood L.H.
Physics Letters B 91 (1980) 41-45 [in2p3-00017011 - version 1]
High-spin analog resonances near the n=50 neutron shell
Gales S., El Hage Y., Schapira J.P., Fortier S., Laurent H. et al
Physical Review C 21 (1980) 98-115 [in2p3-00016983 - version 1]