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Determination of electroweak parameters at HERA with the H1 experiment
Benjamin Portheault1

Using deep inelastic $e^{\pm}p$ charged and neutral current scattering cross sections previously published, a combined electroweak and QCD analysis is performed to determine electroweak parameters accounting for their correlation with parton distributions. The data used have been collected by the H1 experiment in 1994-2000 and correspond to an integrated luminosity of $117.2$ pb$^{-1}$. The $W$ boson mass is determined via the propagator and in the on-mass-shell scheme. A first measurement at HERA is made of the light quark weak couplings to the $Z^0$ boson.
1 :  LAL - Laboratoire de l'Accélérateur Linéaire
Physique/Physique des Hautes Energies - Phénoménologie
deep inelastic scattering – QCD analysis – electroweak analysis – $W$ boson mass – quarks weak neutral current couplings
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