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Tenth European Particle Accelerator Conference "EPAC'06'', Edinburgh : Royaume-Uni (2006)
Optimization of the $e^-e^-$ option for the ILC
M. Alabau Pons1, R. Appleby, P. Bambade1, O. Dadoun1, A. Faus-Golfe

The e-e- running mode is one of the interesting physics options at the International Linear Collider (ILC). The luminosity for e-e- collisions is reduced by the beam-beam effects. The resulting beamstrahlung energy loss and beam-beam deflection angles as function of the vertical transverse offset are different compared to the e+e- collisions. In this paper, the dependence of these observables with the offset for different beam sizes has been analyzed to optimize performances for the e-e- mode, taking into account the requirements of the beam-beam deflection based intra-train feedback system. A first study of the implications for the final focus and extraction line optics is also presented for the cases of the 20 mrad and 2 mrad ILC base line crossing angle geometries.
1 :  LAL - Laboratoire de l'Accélérateur Linéaire
Physique/Physique/Physique des accélérateurs
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