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International Particle Accelerator Conference - IPAC'12, New Orleans : États-Unis (2012)
Plans for Probing the Compton Recoil Electron Spectrum and for Measuring the Beam Halo after the Interaction Point of the ATF2 Final Focus Prototype at KEK (Japan)
P. Bambade1, T. Tauchi2, N. Terunuma2
ATF Collaboration(s)

The development of a detection technique for the recoil spectrum of the beam electrons undergoing Compton scattering with the photons of the laser used to measure the beam size at the interaction point of the ATF2 final focus prototype is reported, based on installing radiation hard semi- conductor sensors after a bending magnet downstream. The same technique allows the beam halo distribution to be measured after the interaction point.
1 :  LAL - Laboratoire de l'Accélérateur Linéaire
2 :  KEK - High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
Physique/Physique/Physique des accélérateurs