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fulltext access Top Quark at 3TeV e+e- collider as gate to new physics
Espargilière A.
2nd International Conference on Particle Physics in memory of Engin Arık and her Colleagues, Turquie (2011) [in2p3-00621181 - version 1]
Large area Micromegas chambers with embedded front-end electronics for hadron calorimetry
Blaha J.
Technology and Instrumentation in Particle Physics 2011 (TIPP 2011), États-Unis (2011) [in2p3-00610322 - version 1]
Search for new physics with Di-photon in ATLAS
Kataoka M.
International Conference on the Structure and the Interactions of the Photon and 19th International Workshop on Photon-Photon Collisions (Photon 2011), Belgique (2011) [in2p3-00621155 - version 1]
Lessons learned with Virgo
Gouaty R.
Gravitational Waves Advanced Detectors Workshop (GWADW11), Italie (2011) [in2p3-00686431 - version 1]
Charge mis-identification of electrons and W -> enu analysis in p-p collisions with ATLAS
Tsionou D.
XXIX Workshop on Recent Advances in Particle Physics and Cosmology, Grèce (2011) [in2p3-00621145 - version 1]
CTACG - The Cherenkov Telescope Array Computing Grid
Barbier C., Komin N., Elles S., Lamanna G.
EGI User Forum 2011, Lituanie (2011) [in2p3-00621126 - version 1]
AMS : Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer
Rosier Lees S.
Atelier du GDR PCHE "Astronomie multimessager neutrinos, rayons cosmiques et rayons gamma", France (2011) [in2p3-00621079 - version 1]
Electroweak Physics in ATLAS
Goy C.
Aspen 2011 - New Data from the Energy Frontier, États-Unis (2011) [in2p3-00621066 - version 1]
Status and prospects for detecting gravitational waves from compact binary mergers
Marion F.
Gravitational-wave Physics and Astronomy Workshop (GWPAW), États-Unis (2011) [in2p3-00621025 - version 1]
Cross-section Measurements of Electroweak Boson production in ATLAS
Berger N.
The ECTP International Conference on primordial QCD Matter in LHC Era, Égypte (2011) [in2p3-01002692 - version 1]
Phenomenology of strong WW scattering at LHC
Berger N.
Amsterdam Particle Physics Symposium (APPS 2011), Pays-Bas (2011) [in2p3-01002679 - version 1]
Search for technicolour at ATLAS
Berger N.
Beyond Standard Model: Results with the 7 TeV LHC Collision Data, Italie (2011) [in2p3-01002670 - version 1]
Searches for new fermions and gauge interactions with ATLAS
Hry'nova T.
Implications of LHC results for TeV-scale physics, Suisse (2011) [in2p3-01002660 - version 1]
Photon and di-photon production at ATLAS
Delmastro M.
15th Lomonosov Conference on Elementary Particle Physics (LomCon), Russie, Fédération De (2011) [in2p3-01002656 - version 1]
Search for extra-dimensions with the LHC
Przysiezniak H.
LPCC CERN 2011 Status of Higgs and BSM searches at the LHC, Suisse (2011) [in2p3-01002651 - version 1]
LHCb: status and physics results
Machikhiliyan I.
International Workshop LHC on the March, Russie, Fédération De (2011) [in2p3-01002613 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Discovery of VHE gamma-ray emission from the direction of the globular cluster Terzan 5
Domainko W., Clapson A.-C., Brun F., Eger P., Jamrozy M. et al
32nd International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC2011), Chine (2011) [in2p3-00909708 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server H.E.S.S. observations of the Large Magellanic Cloud
Komin N., Djannati-Ataï A., Gallant Y., Marandon V., Lu C.C. et al
32nd International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC2011), China (2011) [in2p3-00909698 - version 1]
fulltext access Site Studies for the SuperB Collider and Synchrotron Radiation Facility Project
Tomassini S., E. Biagini M., Raimondi P., Sanelli C., Bolzon B. et al
2nd International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC2011), Spain (2011) [in2p3-00632465 - version 1]
fulltext access Status of ground motion mitigation techniques for CLIC
Snuverink J., Artoos K., Collette C., Duarte Ramos F., Gaddi A. et al
2nd International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC2011), Espagne (2011) [in2p3-00632462 - version 1]