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Classical and Quantum Gravity 23 (2006) 5777-5784
Thermal noise reduction in interferometric gravitational wave antennas: using high order TEM modes
B. Mours1, E. Tournefier1, J.Y. Vinet2
VIRGO Collaboration(s)

We compute the low-frequency tail of the power spectral density of thermal noise in the case of an optical Fabry–Perot resonant cavity operating with Laguerre–Gauss modes of orders higher than (0, 0). We show a significant reduction of the thermal noise as the order of the mode increases. We discuss the diffraction losses.
1 :  LAPP - Laboratoire d'Annecy le Vieux de Physique des Particules
2 :  ARTEMIS - Astrophysique Relativiste Théories Expériences Métrologie Instrumentation Signaux
Physique/Astrophysique/Cosmologie et astrophysique extra-galactique

Physique/Physique/Instrumentations et Détecteurs

Planète et Univers/Astrophysique