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Status of the Micromegas semi-DHCAL
C. Adloff1, J. Blaha1, J. -J. Blaising, M. Chefdeville1, C. Drancourt1, A. Espargiliere1, R. Gaglione1, N. Geffroy1, Y. Karyotakis1, J. Prast1, G. Vouters1

The activities towards the fabrication and test of a 1 m3 semi-digital hadronic calorime- ter are reviewed. The prototype sampling planes would consist of 1 m2 Micromegas chambers with 1 cm2 granularity and embedded 2 bits readout suitable for PFA calorime- try at an ILC detector. The design of the 1 m2 chamber is presented first, followed by an overview of the basic performance of small prototypes. The basic units composing the 1 m2 chamber are 32 \times 48 cm2 boards with integrated electronics and a micro-mesh. Results of character- ization tests of such boards are shown. Micromegas as a proportional detector is well suited for semi-digital hadronic calorimetry. In order to quantify the gain in perfor- mance when using one or more thresholds, simulation studies are being carried out, some of which will be reported in this contribution.
1 :  LAPP - Laboratoire d'Annecy le Vieux de Physique des Particules
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