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fulltext access Four-wave interaction in gas and vacuum: definition of a third-order nonlinear effective susceptibility in vacuum: χvacuum(3)
Bernard D., Moulin F.
Optics Communications 164, 1 (1999) 137 [hal-00496265 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server On the direct evidence of time-reversal non-invariance in the $K^0-\bar K^0$ system
Rouge A.
[in2p3-00195702 - version 1] (11/12/2007)
fulltext access Observation of fission in Pb-Pb interactions at 158A GeV
Abreu M.C., Alessandro B., Alexa C., Arnaldi R., Astruc J. et al
Physical Review C 59 (1999) 876-883 [in2p3-00000738 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Observations of the gamma-Ray Emission Above 250 Gev from the Blazars Markarian 501 and Markarian 421 by the Cat Cherenkov Atmospheric Imaging Telescope
Piron F.
In XIth rencontres de Blois - XIth rencontres de Blois, France [in2p3-00086530 - version 1]
The elliptic flow of neutral transverse energy in heavy ion interactions at SPS energies
Abreu M.C., Alessandro B., Alexa C., Arnaldi R., Astruc J. et al
In Nuclear Physics A - QM'99 Quark Matter '99, International Conference on Ultra-Relativistic Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions, Italy [in2p3-00010999 - version 1]
Recherche d'antimatiere dans les rayons cosmiques de 10$^(12)$ eV par la methode Artemis et interpretation du spectre des rayons cosmiques
Pomarede D.
Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI (1999) [in2p3-00008474 - version 1]
Experience BaBar : violation de CP dans le systeme $B^0\bar B^0$. Canaux vecteur-vecteur du type charmonium $K^(\star 0)$
Roussot E.
Université Paris-Diderot - Paris VII (1999) [in2p3-00008473 - version 1]
Mesure des parametres electrofaibles leptoniques a LEP II. Recherche de boson de jauge Z'
Swynghedaw M.W.
Université Paris Sud - Paris XI (1999) [in2p3-00008472 - version 1]
Muon storage rings
Blondel A.
Cracow Epiphany Conference on Electron-Positron Colliders, Poland [in2p3-00019201 - version 1]
Calorimeter design
Videau H.
Workshop EFCA/DESY, France [in2p3-00019200 - version 1]
Si-W calorimeter performances
Brient J.C.
Workshop EFCA/DESY, France [in2p3-00022399 - version 1]
A calorimeter for energy flow
Brient J.C.
ICLC, Espagne [in2p3-00019199 - version 1]
First look to a very compact calorimeter
Brient J.C.
Workshop EFCA/DESY, Royaume-Uni [in2p3-00019198 - version 1]
Search for low (EV) energy photon-photon scattering in vacuum
Bernard D.
International Workshop on Lorenz Group ,CPT, and Neutrinos, Mexico [in2p3-00022400 - version 1]
search for low(EV) energy photon scattering-scattering in vacuum
Bernard D.
International Conference on the structure and Interactions of the Photon, Germany [in2p3-00022402 - version 1]
On Demand Reconstruction within ORCA
Charlot C.
6. International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in High Energy and Nuclear Physics, Greece [in2p3-00022403 - version 1]
First Observation with CELESTE
De Naurois M.
6. GeV - TeV Gamma-ray astrophysics Workshop: Toward a Major Atmospheric Cerenkov Telescope VI, United States [in2p3-00019190 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server VHE gamma ray spectral properties of the blazars MRK 501 and MRK 421 from CAT observations in 1997 and 1998
Piron F.
GeV - TeV Gamma Ray Conference 6 IRCC 99, United States [in2p3-00022404 - version 1]
Recent results on blazars above 250 GeV from the CAT Cherenkov Atmospheric imaging Telescope
Piron F.
Frontiers of Matter Rencontres de Blois 21, France [in2p3-00022406 - version 1]
Current status of the CELESTE gamma-ray telescope
Sako T.
JENAM'99, France [in2p3-00019189 - version 1]