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Measurement of the Proton anti-Proton total cross-section at the S anti-P P S collider by a luiminosity depedent method
Augier C., Bourotte J., Haguenauer M.
Physics Letters B 344 (1995) 451-454 [in2p3-00018419 - version 1]
The real part of the elastic scattering amplitude at the S anti-P P S and predictions at LHC and SSC
Haguenauer M., Augier C., Bernard D., Bourotte J., Bozzo M. et al
Il Nuovo Cimento A 107 (1994) 2093-2102 [in2p3-00018308 - version 1]
Predictions on the total cross-section and real part at LHC and SSC
Augier C., Bourotte J., Bozzo M., Bueno M., Cases R. et al
Physics Letters B 315 (1993) 503-506 [in2p3-00018270 - version 1]