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Low-energy calorimetry in a multiwire chamber filled with tetramethylsilane
Degrange B., Guillon J., Moreau F., Nguyen-Khac U., de La Taille C. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 311 (1992) 539-547 [in2p3-00018262 - version 1]
Experimental determination of neutrino background expected in the frejus nucleon decay detector
Behr L., Degrange B., Nguyen-Khac U., Tisserant S.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 302 (1991) 406-414 [in2p3-00018246 - version 1]
Lifetime limits on ($B-L$)-violating nucleon decay and di-nucleon decay modes from the Frejus experiment
Berger C., Froehlich M., Moench H., Nisius R., Raupach F. et al
Physics Letters B 269 (1991) 227-233 [in2p3-00015565 - version 1]
A study of atmospheric neutrino oscillations in the Frejus experiment
Berger C., Blum D., Bourdarios C., Dudelzak B., Eschstruth P. et al
Physics Letters B 245 (1990) 305-310 [in2p3-00015530 - version 1]
A search for high energy neutrinos from sn 1987a, the Crab, Hercules x-1, and Cygnus x-3 with the Frejus detector
Berger C., Benadjal Y., Blum D., Bourdarios C., Dudelzak B. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik C 48 (1990) 221-226 [in2p3-00015529 - version 1]
$\tau \to \delta \nu$ decay induced by light quark mass difference
Tisserant S., Truong T.N.
Physics Letters B 115 (1982) 264-266 [in2p3-00022383 - version 1]