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Accelerator schemes based on lasers and plasmas
Mine P.
European Particle Accelerator Conference 6 EPAC 98, Sweden [in2p3-00019194 - version 1]
Laser Wakefield Acceleration of electrons at Ecole Polytechnique
Bernard D.
Workshop on Advanced Accelerator Concepts 8, United States [in2p3-00019193 - version 1]
Experiment on photon-photon scattering
Bernard D.
Workshop on Frontier Tests of Quantum Electrodynamics and Physics of the Vacuum (QED'98), Bulgaria [in2p3-00019192 - version 1]
On the potential of the light-by-light scattering for the invisible axion detection
Bernard D.
IFT Workshop 5, United States [in2p3-00022401 - version 1]
Stimulated photon-photon elastic scattering in the optical domain
Bernard D.
Advanced ICFA Beam Dynamics Workshop on Quantum Aspects of Beam Physics, United States [in2p3-00019191 - version 1]
Preliminary results from observations of the CRAB nebula with CELESTE
De Naurois M.
European Cosmic Ray Symposium 16, Spain [in2p3-00008451 - version 1]
Observations of the gamma ray emission above 250Gev from the blazars,MRK 501 et MRK 421 by the CAT Cerenkov Atmospheric Imaging Telescope
Piron F.
11.Summer School and Symposium on Nuclear Physics: Effective Theories of Matter, Korea, Republic Of [in2p3-00022405 - version 1]
L'empreinte du plasma de quarks et de gluons dans les experiences ions-lourds au CERN-SPS
Gonin M.
Journee de la Division de Physique Nucleaire, France [in2p3-00019186 - version 1]
Onset of the anomalous J/Psi suppression in Pb+Pb collisions at 158 Gev/c
Gonin M.
INT98, United States [in2p3-00022409 - version 1]
Anomalous J/Psi suppression : a fingerprint for quark matter?
Kluberg L.
International School of Nuclear Physics Course : Heavy ion Collisions from Nuclear to Quark Matter 20, Italie [in2p3-00019181 - version 1]
Going fast with Geant4.Parameterization Mechanism
Mora de Freitas P., Verderi M.
Chep98 : Computing on High Energy Physics, United States [in2p3-00019180 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Searches for new bosons coupling to eq pairs at Hera and other colliders
Sirois Y.
International WEIN symposium: A conference on Physics beyond the standard model 5, États-Unis [in2p3-00022412 - version 1]
A Quartz Fibre Calorimeter Hodoscope for the Luminosity Measurement at Hera
Specka A.
Conference on Advanced Technologies in particle detectors, Italie [in2p3-00019175 - version 1]
The PEP-II b factory and the babar detector
Bonneaud G.
Workshop on Heavy Quarks and fixed Target 4 HQ98, États-Unis [in2p3-00019174 - version 1]
Tau polarisation measurement at LEP
Brient J.C.
International Conference on high-energy physics 29 ICHEP98, Canada [in2p3-00012171 - version 1]
Events generators for the standard model processeses at Lep2
Tanaka R.
CPP98 Symposium, Japon [in2p3-00019173 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Single W production at Lep-2
Tanaka R.
International Conference on High-Energy Physics 29 ICHEP98, Canada [in2p3-00022417 - version 1]
An internally reflecting cerenkov detector (DIRC) : properties of the fused silica radiators
Adam I., Aleksan R., Aston D., Benkebil M., Bernard D. et al
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 45 (1998) 4507-455 [in2p3-00008078 - version 1]
DIRC, the internally reflecting ring imaging cerenkov detector for BaBar
Adam I., Aleksan R., Aston D., Benkebil M., Bernard D. et al
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 45 (1998) 657-664 [in2p3-00008077 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Prototype tests for the CELESTE solar array gamma-ray telescope
Giebels B., Bazer-Bachi R., Bergeret H., Cordier A., Debiais G. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 412 (1998) 329-341 [in2p3-00000908 - version 1]