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Environmental noise studies in Virgo
Acernese F., Amico P., Alshourbagy M., Aoudia S., Avino S. et al
Dans Journal of Physics Conference Series - 6th Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves, Japon [in2p3-00025980 - version 1]
fulltext access Low loss coatings for the VIRGO large mirrors
Beauville F., Buskulic D., Flaminio R., Marion F., Masserot A. et al
Dans Advances in Optical Thin Films - Optical System Design 2003, France [in2p3-00024327 - version 1]
fulltext access The Virgo interferometric gravitational antenna
Acernese F., Amico P., Al-Shourbagy M., Aoudia S., Avino S. et al
Optical Diagnostics and Monitoring (OPTIDIMON), Italie [in2p3-00024243 - version 1]