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42th Rencontres de Moriond - Gravitational Waves and Experimental Gravity, La Thuile : Italy (2007)
Reduction of tantala mechanical losses in Ta2O5/SiO2 coatings for the next generation of VIRGO and LIGO interferometric gravitational waves detectors
C. Comtet1, D. Forest1, P. Ganau1, G.M. Harry, J.-M. Mackowski1, C. Michel1, J.-L. Montorio1, N. Morgado1, V. Pierro, L. Pinard1, I. Pinto, A. Remillieux1
VIRGO Collaboration(s)

Mirror thermal noise in Ta2O5/SiO2 coatings is predicted to be the limiting noise in the 50-300 Hz frequency range in the interferometric gravitational wave detectors. Ta2O5 losses were dominating compared to the SiO2 losses. We developed a model to calculate multilayer mechanical losses and we are working for low mechanical losses Ta2O5/SiO2 coatings.
1 :  LMA - Laboratoire des matériaux avancés
Physique/Physique/Instrumentations et Détecteurs
Gravitational waves – thermal noise – mechanical losses
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