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New Journal of Physics 10 (2008) 125021
Experimental optomechanics with silicon micromirrors
Olivier Arcizet1, C. Molinelli1, T. Briant1, P.-F. Cohadon1, A. Heidmann1, J.-M. Mackowski2, C. Michel2, L. Pinard2, O. Français3, L. Rousseau3

We experimentally demonstrate the high-sensitivity optical monitoring of moving micromirrors, made of low-loss dielectric coatings upon silicon resonators of various shapes and sizes. The very high optical finesses obtained (\mathcal{F}\simeq 30\,000 ) have allowed us to measure the thermal noise of the micromirrors at room temperature with a shot-noise limited sensitivity at the 10^{-19}\,{\rm m}/\sqrt{\rm Hz} level and to completely characterize their mechanical behavior, in excellent agreement with the results of a finite-element computation. Applications of such optomechanical systems range from quantum optics experiments to the experimental demonstration of the quantum ground state of a macroscopic mechanical resonator.
1 :  LKB (Jussieu) - Laboratoire Kastler Brossel
2 :  LMA - Laboratoire des matériaux avancés
3 :  ESYCOM - Electronique, Systèmes de communication et Microsystèmes
Sciences de l'ingénieur/Optique / photonique

Sciences de l'ingénieur/Mécanique/Mécanique des matériaux

Physique/Physique/Instrumentations et Détecteurs
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