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International EFES-IN2P3 Conference on "Many Body Correlations from Dilute to Dense Nuclear Systems", MBC 2011, Paris : France (2011)
Experimental evidence for alpha-particle condensation from the Hoyle state deexcitation
B. Borderie1, Ad.R. Raduta1, E. Geraci, N. Le Neindre1, 2, P. Napolitani1, M.F. Rivet1

Fragmentation of quasi-projectiles from the nuclear reaction 40Ca+12C was used to produce excited states candidates to alpha-particle condensation. The methodology relies on high granularity 4π detection coupled to multi-particle correlations. Complete kinematic characterization reveals that 7.5±4.0% of the Hoyle state particle decays correspond to direct decay into three equal-energy alpha-particles. This is the first direct evidence for alpha-particle condensation in nuclei.
1:  IPNO - Institut de Physique Nucléaire d'Orsay
2:  LPCC - Laboratoire de Physique Corpusculaire de Caen
Physics/Nuclear Experiment
De-excitations – Experimental evidence – High granularity – Kinematic characterization – Multi-particle correlation – Nuclear reactions – Particle decay