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Physical Review Letters 105 (2010) 263202
Asymmetry in Multiple-Electron Capture Revealed by Radiative Charge Transfer in Ar Dimers
J. Matsumoto1, A. Leredde2, X. Fléchard2, K. Hayakawa1, H. Shiromaru1, Jimmy RANGAMA3, Chun-Lin Zhou3, Stephane Guillous3, Dominique Hennecart3, Tomoko Muranaka3, Alain Mery3, Benoit Gervais3, Amine Cassimi3

We measured kinetic energies of the fragment ions of argon dimers multiply ionized by low-energy Ar9+ collisions. For (Ar2)4+ dissociation, the asymmetric channel (Ar3+ + Ar+) yield is found unexpectedly higher than the symmetric channel (Ar2+ + Ar2+) yield in contrast with previous observation for covalent molecules or clusters. For the dissociation channel (Ar2)2+ → Ar+ + Ar+, two wellseparated peaks were observed, clearly evidencing that the direct Coulombic dissociation and the radiative charge transfer followed by ionic dissociation alternatively occur for the dicationic dimers. The respective intensity of these two peaks provides a direct mean to unravel the respective proportion of one-site and two-site double-electron capture, which are found equal for this collision system.
1 :  Department of Chemistry
2 :  LPCC - Laboratoire de Physique Corpusculaire de Caen
3 :  CIMAP - UMR 6252 - Centre de recherche sur les Ions, les MAtériaux et la Photonique
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