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fulltext access Influence of mesostructuration on the reactivity of bioactive glasses in biological medium: a PIXE-RBS study
Soulié J., Lao J., Jallot E., Nedelec J.-M.
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22, 38 (2012) 20680 - 20688 [hal-00731072 - version 1]
(87)Sr solid-state NMR as a structurally sensitive tool for the investigation of materials: antiosteoporotic pharmaceuticals and bioactive glasses.
Bonhomme C., Gervais C., Folliet N., Pourpoint F. Pourpoin@ccr.Jussieu.Fr, Coelho Diogo C. et al
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134, 30 (2012) 12611-12628 [hal-00726394 - version 1]
fulltext access Controlled Bioactivity in Zn-doped sol-gel derived SiO2-CaO bioactive glasses
Courthéoux L., Lao J., Nedelec J.-M., Jallot E.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112, 35 (2008) 13663-13667 [hal-00360357 - version 1]
New Insight into the Physicochemistry at the Interface between Sol-Gel-Derived Bioactive Glasses and Biological Medium: A PIXE-RBS Study
Lao J., Nedelec J.-M., Jallot E.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (2008) 9418 [hal-00291644 - version 1]
fulltext access Micro-PIXE characterization of interactions between a sol-gel derived bioactive glass and biological fluids
Lao J., Nedelec J.-M., Moretto P., Jallot E.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 245 (2006) 511-518 [hal-00154776 - version 1]