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12th Pisa Meeting on Advanced Detectors, Ile d'Elbe : Italie (2012)
Calibration and Monitoring systems of the ATLAS Tile Hadron Calorimeter
D. Boumediene1
ATLAS Collaboration(s)

The TileCal is the hadronic calorimeter covering the most central region of the ATLAS experiment at LHC. It is a sampling calorimeter with iron plates as absorber and plastic scintillating tiles as the active material. The scintillation light produced by the passage of charged particles is transmitted by wavelength shifting fibers to about 10000 photomultiplier tubes (PMTs). Integrated on the calorimeter there is a composite device that allows to monitor and/or equalize the signals at various stages of its formation. This device is based on signal generation from different sources: radioactive, LASER and charge injection and minimum bias events produces in proton-proton collisions. In this contribution is given a brief description of the different systems hardware and presented the latest results on their performance, like the determination of the conversion factors, linearity and stability.
1 :  LPC - Laboratoire de Physique Corpusculaire [Clermont-Ferrand]
Physique/Physique des Hautes Energies - Expérience
ATLAS – Tile calorimeter – calibration – laser system – cesium calibration – charge injection – monitoring