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Cross sections and some features of charm photoproduction at gamma energies of 20-70 GeV
Adamovich M. I., Alexandrov Yu A., Bolta J. M., Bravo L., Cartacci A. M. et al
Physics Letters B 187 (1987) 437-441 [in2p3-00006780 - version 1]
Measurement of charmed-particle lifetimes and decay branching ratios
Adamovich M. I., Alexandrov Y., Bolta J. M., Bravo L., Di Caporiacco G. et al
Europhysics Letters (EPL) 4 (1987) 887-892 [in2p3-00006721 - version 1]
Associated photoproduction of charmed LAMBDA$_(c)$+ baryons and $\overline(D)$ mesons and weak decays of the LAMBDA+$_(c)$ baryon
Adamovich M.I., Alexandrov Yu A., Bolta J.M., Bravo L., Di Caporiacco G. et al
Yadernaya Fizika 46 (1987) 791-798 [in2p3-00021155 - version 1]