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Influence of the particle-hole continuum on pion-pion correlations in dense nuclear matter
Aouissat Z., Chanfray G., Schuck P.
Modern Physics Letters A 8 (1993) 1379-1385 [in2p3-00000639 - version 1]
Identification of a percolationlike critical region in the decay of excited calcium nuclei
Desesquelles P., Cole A.J., Giorni A., Heuer D., Lleres A. et al
Physical Review C 48 (1993) 1828-1839 [in2p3-00013030 - version 1]
Recoil effects in sequential emission and Coulomb dissociation
Cole A.J., Brandan M.E., Desesquelles P., Giorni A., Heuer D. et al
Physical Review C 47 (1993) 1251-1256 [in2p3-00013028 - version 1]
Fission of heavy hypernuclei formed in antiproton annihilation
Armstrong T.A., Bocquet J.P., Ericsson G., Johansson T., Krogulski T. et al
Physical Review C 47 (1993) 1957-1969 [in2p3-00014389 - version 1]
Scintillating gas proportional phoswiches
Benchekroun D., Benrachi F., Chambon B., Cheynis B., Drain D. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 335 (1993) 503-508 [in2p3-00003540 - version 1]
The rho meson in dense matter and its influence on dilepton production rates
Chanfray G., Schuck P.
Nuclear Physics A 555 (1993) 329-354 [in2p3-00000627 - version 1]
Transfer and break-up reactions in the 30 A.MeV $^(22)$Ne + $^(93)$Nb system
Stern M., Gerlic E., Billerey R., Chambon B., Chevarier A. et al
Nuclear Physics A 559 (1993) 401-421 [in2p3-00013019 - version 1]
Light particle emission in the reaction $^(144)$Sm($^(32)$S-fission) at E$_(lab)$ = 838 MeV
Benrachi F., Chambon B., Cheynis B., Drain D., Pastor C. et al
Physical Review C 48 (1993) 2340-2349 [in2p3-00013018 - version 1]
A measurement of B meson production and lifetime using DL$^(-)$ events in Z$^0$ decays
Abreu P., Adam W., Adye T., Agasi E., Alekseev G. D. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik C 57 (1993) 181-195 [in2p3-00001169 - version 1]