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International Workshop on ECR Sources 14, Geneva : Suisse (1999)
High current, high frequency ECRIS development program for LHC havy ion beam application
N. Angert, P. Spaedtke, C. Hill, H. Haseroth, A. Girard, D. Hitz, P. Ludwig, G. Melin, J.L. Bouly1, J.F. Bruandet1, N. Chauvin1, J.C. Curdy1, R. Geller1, T. Lamy1, P. Sole1, P. Sortais1, J.L. Vieux-Rochaz1, G. Ciavola, S. Gammino, L. Celona

A research program with the aim of producing pulsed currents with hitherto unequalled intensity of Pb27+, with length and repetition ratecompatible with those desired by CERN (1 mAe / 400 ms / 10 Hz in the context of future heavy ion collisions at LHC) is organised in acollaboration between CERN/GSI/CEA-Grenoble and IN2P3-ISNG.Two main experimental programs will be carried out : (i) tests with the LNS-Catania team on the SERSE superconducting source with a 28 GHzgyrotron, (ii) tests on a non-superconducting source (new source at Grenoble) with a 28 GHz gyrotron. For this purpose CEA/DRFMC hasborrowed from CEA a 28 GHz - 10 kW gyrotron transmitter.The project includes also the construction of a source body, by ISNG, with conventional coils and permanent magnets for working at the frequencyof about 28 GHz and biased up to 60 kV. This source called PHOENIX will run on a test bench at ISN. PHOENIX is an improvement of thepresent ECR4-14.5 GHz/CERN source, having a mirror ratio R=2 at 14.5 GHz, and R=1.7 at 28 GHz (possibly reaching 2.1 T on the axis of thesource), and with a plasma volume up to 2.5 larger.Experiments at 28 GHz will be performed on the SERSE source in Catania at INFN/LNS where both the axial and the hexapolar fields will bevaried so that the mirror ratio is continuously varied up to R=1.6 ; the SERSE source will be also operated at lower magnetic fields such as thosewhich can be produced by conventional magnets (less than 2 T axial field at injection - far from the 28 GHz High-B mode).
1 :  LPSC - Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de Cosmologie
Physique/Physique/Instrumentations et Détecteurs
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