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Physical Review D 81, 12 (2010) 125012
Renormalization Group Improved Optimized Perturbation Theory: Revisiting the Mass Gap of the O(2N) Gross-Neveu Model
Jean-Loïc Kneur1, André Neveu1

We introduce an extension of a variationally optimized perturbation method, by combining it with renormalization group properties in a straightforward (perturbative) form. This leads to a very transparent and efficient procedure, with a clear improvement of the non-perturbative results with respect to previous similar variational approaches. This is illustrated here by deriving optimized results for the mass gap of the O(2N) Gross-Neveu model, compared with the exactly know results for arbitrary N. At large N, the exact result is reproduced already at the very first order of the modified perturbation using this procedure. For arbitrary values of N, using the original perturbative information only known at two-loop order, we obtain a controllable percent accuracy or less, for any N value, as compared with the exactly known result for the mass gap from the thermodynamical Bethe Ansatz. The procedure is very general and can be extended straightforwardly to any renormalizable Lagrangian model, being systematically improvable provided that a knowledge of enough perturbative orders of the relevant quantities is available.
1:  LPTA - Laboratoire de Physique Théorique et Astroparticules
Physics/High Energy Physics - Theory

Physics/High Energy Physics - Phenomenology
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