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Fivebrane instantons, topological wave functions and hypermultiplet moduli spaces
Alexandrov S., Persson D., Pioline B.
Journal of High Energy Physics 2011, 3 (2011) 111 - http://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-00531360
Physique/Physique des Hautes Energies - Théorie
Fivebrane instantons, topological wave functions and hypermultiplet moduli spaces
Sergey Alexandrov ()1, Daniel Persson2, Boris Pioline3
1 :  LPTA - Laboratoire de Physique Théorique et Astroparticules
CNRS : UMR5207 – IN2P3 – Université Montpellier II - Sciences et techniques
Bât 13- 1er Et. - CC 070 Place Eugène Bataillon 34095 MONTPELLIER CEDEX 5
2 :  Institut fur Theoretische Physik, ETH, Zurich
3 :  LPTHE - Laboratoire de Physique Théorique et Hautes Energies
CNRS : UMR7589 – Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) - Paris VI – Université Paris VII - Paris Diderot
We investigate quantum corrections to the hypermultiplet moduli space M in Calabi-Yau compactifications of type II string theories, with particular emphasis on instanton effects from Euclidean NS5-branes. Based on the consistency of D- and NS5-instanton corrections, we determine the topology of the hypermultiplet moduli space at fixed string coupling and Calabi-Yau metric, as previewed in arXiv:1009.3026. On the type IIB side, we compute corrections from (p,k)-fivebrane instantons to the metric on M (specifically, the correction to the complex contact structure on its twistor space Z) by applying S-duality to the D-instanton sum. For fixed fivebrane charge k, the corrections can be written as a non-Gaussian theta series, whose summand for k=1 reduces to the topological A-model amplitude. By mirror symmetry, instanton corrections induced from the chiral type IIA NS5-brane are similarly governed by the wave function of the topological B-model. In the course of this investigation we clarify charge quantization for coherent sheaves and find hitherto unnoticed corrections to the Heisenberg, monodromy and S-duality actions on M, as well as to the mirror map for Ramond-Ramond fields and D-brane charges.

Journal of High Energy Physics
Publisher Institute of Physics (IOP)
ISSN 1126-6708 (eISSN : 1029-8479)
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