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Deep brain stimulation in movement disorders: stereotactic coregistration of two-dimensional electrical field modeling and magnetic resonance imaging.
Hemm S., Mennessier G., Vayssiere N., Cif L., El Fertit H. et al
Journal of neurosurgery 103 (2005) 949-55 [in2p3-00025723 - version 1]
A pedagogical review of theoretical ideas and experimantal results on generation and detection of terahertz radiation.
Dyakonov M.
Ecole internationale de physique et de technologie d'ondes térahertz, Japon (2005) [hal-00289339 - version 1]
fulltext access Détection des gamma dans l'expérience AMS et analyse temporelle des sursauts gamma par la mission HETE-2
Bolmont J.
Université Montpellier II - Sciences et Techniques du Languedoc (14/10/2005), Falvard Alain (Dir.) [tel-00011463 - version 2]
An Introduction to the Spin Physics in Semiconductors, Discussing Optical Orientation of Electron and Nuclear Spins.
Dyakonov M.
Ecole internationale de physique de spin, France (2005) [hal-00289338 - version 1]
Dark Energy: Current Issues
Polarski D.
Pomeranian Workshop in Fundamental Cosmology, Poland (2005) [hal-00288524 - version 1]
Big Bang nucleosynthesis
Jedamzik K.
Open Questions in Cosmology: the First Billion Years, Germany (2005) [hal-00288410 - version 1]
Supersymmetry and Big Bang Nucleosynthesis: A sign of the Dark Universe >
Jedamzik K.
"SUSY 05", 13th International Conference on Supersymmetry and Unification of Fundamental Interactions, United Kingdom (2005) [hal-00288562 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Primary Energy Spectra and Elemental Composition. GAMMA Experiment
Ter-Antonyan S.V., Martirosov R.M., Garyaka A.P., Eganov V., Nikolskaya N. et al
[hal-00430451 - version 1] (2009-11-06)
Boundary Value Problems: what Physics Expects from Mathematics
Leon J.
FPU+50: Nonlinear Waves 50 years after Fermi-Pasta-Ulam, France (2005) [hal-00288546 - version 1]
Universality of Low-energy Scattering in (2+1)- Dimensions: the Non Symmetric Case
Khuri N.N., Sabatier P., Martin A., Tsun Wu T.
Journal of Mathematical Physics 46, 3 (2005) 032103 [hal-00327778 - version 1]
Moduli Integrals and Ground Ring in Minimal Liouville Gravity
Belavin A.A., Zamolodchikov A.
JETP Letters / Sov Phys JETP Lett 82, 1 (2005) 7-13 [hal-00318210 - version 1]
Generalised Inverse Scattering Transform
Sabatier P.
International Conference on Nonlinear Waves, Integrable Systems and Applications, États-Unis (2005) [hal-00289054 - version 1]
Nonlinear Tunneling and Bistability in Waveguide Arrays
Leon J.
Nonlinear Waves, Integrable Systems and Applications, États-Unis (2005) [hal-00288539 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server QED Fermi-fields as Operator Valued Distributions and Anomalies
Grange P. Ca, Werner E.
Few-Body Systems 36, 1-4 (2005) 103 - 109 [hal-00317518 - version 1]
Correlation Functions in Integrable Perturbed Conformal Field Theories
Fateev V.A.
Correlation Functions in Integrable Models, France (2005) [hal-00286495 - version 1]
Electroweak Supersymmetric Effects on High Energy Unpolarized and Polarized Single Top Production at LHC
Renard F. M., Beccaria M., Verzegnassi C.
Physical Review D 71, 3 (2005) 033005 [hal-00327552 - version 1]
Coulomb Integrals in Conformal Field Theory
Fateev V.A.
Conformal Field Theory, Allemagne (2005) [hal-00286490 - version 1]
Nonlinear Dynamics of Short Travelling Capillary-gravity Waves
Borzi H.C., Kraenkel R., Manna M., Pereira A.
Physical Review E: Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics 71 (2005) 026307 [hal-00338939 - version 1]
Generalised Inverse Scattering for a Linear PDE Associate to KdV
Sabatier P.
Solitons, boomerons,and isochronous solutions of nonlinear systems - International workshop for Francesco Calogero's 70th birthday, Italie (2005) [hal-00289047 - version 1]
Precise determination of the MSSM Higgs boson masses
Kneur J.-L.
In ICHEP 2005: Proceedings of the 32nd International Conference High Energy Physics Vols 1 and 2 - 32nd International Conference on High Energy Physics, China (2004) [hal-00405712 - version 1]