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fulltext accessible on an other server 6J Symbols Duality Relations
Noui K., Roche P., Freidel L.
Journal of Mathematical Physics 48/11 (2007) 113512 [in2p3-00182564 - version 1]
Correlation Functions in Integrable Field Theories Related with Statistical Systems
Fateev V.A.
Integrable Systems and Related Mathematical Structures, France (2007) [hal-00286513 - version 1]
The global Renormalization Group Trajectory in a Critical Supersymmetric Field Theory on the Lattice Z^3
Mitter P.K.
Renormalization in Quantum Field Theory, Statistical Mechanics, and Condensed Matter, Autriche (2007) [hal-00286465 - version 1]
fulltext access Approche de la Couleur.
Geniet F.
Ecole d'ingénieur (2007) 70 pages [cel-00392484 - version 1]
Can we have it and do we need it ?
Dyakonov M.
Congrés International "Quantum information and quantum computing", Germany (2007) [hal-00289347 - version 1]
Pressing over Tubulin
Monnier S., Estephan E., Parmeggiani A., Marchal S., Lange R. et al
European Biophysics Journal 36, supplement 1 (2007) S123 [hal-00596456 - version 1]
Polarity, Chirality and Helicity in Condensed Phases of Biomolecules and Bioassemblies
Lorman V.
In Proceedings of the 11th EMF - 11th European Meeting on Ferooelectricity, Slovenia (2007) [hal-00595447 - version 1]
fulltext access Développement d'outils de simulation et de reconstruction de gerbes de particules pour l'astronomie gamma avec les futurs imageurs Tcherenkov
Sajjad S.
Université Montpellier II - Sciences et Techniques du Languedoc (2007-09-17), Edmond Giraud (Dir.) [tel-00408835 - version 1]
Universal Vertex-IRF Transformation.
Buffenoir E.
RAQIS'07, France (2007) [hal-00286024 - version 1]
Introduction to supersymmetry, the MSSM, and (a little bit) beyond
Kneur J.-L.
Atelier ATLAS-France, France (2007) [hal-00285176 - version 1]
On the Resolving Power of Electrical Conductivity Tomography
Sabatier P., Sebu C.
Inverse Problems 23, 5 (2007) doi:10.1088/0266-5611/23/5/007 1895-1913 [hal-00430786 - version 1]
VHE Gamma-rays from Supernova Remnants and Pulsar Wind Nebulae.
Gallant Y.
Joint European and National Astronomy Meeting (JENAM) 2007, Armenia (2007) [hal-00285058 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server NMSPEC: A Fortran code for the sparticle and Higgs masses in the NMSSM with GUT scale boundary conditions
Ellwanger U., Hugonie C.
Computer Physics Communications 177, 4 (2007) 399-407 [hal-00123548 - version 1]
Pressing over Tubulin
Monnier S., Estephan E., Parmeggiani A., Marchal S., Lange R. et al
Dans Proceedings of the 6th EBSA European Biophysics Congress - 6th European Biophysics Congress, Royaume-Uni (2007) [hal-00596447 - version 1]
The Mysteries of Dark Energy
Polarski D.
Cosmology of Fundamental Interactions, Germany (2007) [hal-00288521 - version 1]
Big Bang Nucleosynthesis as a Test of Physics Beyond the Standard Model
Jedamzik K.
Cosmology of Fundamental Interactions, Germany (2007) [hal-00288413 - version 1]
WIMP Gamma Rays From the Galactic Center with GLAST and Accelerator Comparison
Morselli A., Nuss E., Lionetto A.
In AIP Conference Proceedings 921 - First GLAST Symposium, United States (2007) [hal-00281841 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server The upper bound on the lightest Higgs mass in the NMSSM revisited
Ellwanger U., Hugonie C.
Modern Physics Letters A 22, 21 (2007) 1581 - 1590 [hal-00123552 - version 1]
Coupling of Spin and Charge Currents and the Spin Hall Effect.
Dyakonov M.
Workshop International "Problems in condensed matter physics", Brazil (2007) [hal-00289348 - version 1]
fulltext access Universal Vertex-IRF Transformation for Quantum Affine Algebras
Buffenoir E., Roche P., Terras V.
[hal-00160579 - version 1] (2007-07-06)