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Astronomy and Astrophysics 424 (2004) 245-252
EROS 2 photometry of probable R Coronae Borealis stars in the small Magellanic cloud
P. Tisserand1, J.B. Marquette2, J.P. Beaulieu2, P. de Laverny3, E. Lesquoy1, 2, A. Milsztajn1, C. Afonso1, 4, J.N. Albert5, J. Andersen, R. Ansari5, E. Aubourg1, P. Bareyre1, 4, F. Bauer1, G. Blanc1, X. Charlot1, C. Coutures1, F. Derue5, 6, R. Ferlet2, P. Fouque7, J.F. Glicenstein1, B. Goldman1, 4, A. Gould4, D. Graff, M. Gros1, J. Haissinski5, C. Hamadache1, J. De Kat1, T. Lasserre1, L. Le Guillou1, C. Loup2, C. Magneville1, B. Mansoux5, E. Maurice, A. Maury, M. Moniez5, N. Palanque-Delabrouille1, O. Perdereau5, L. prevot, Y. Rahal5, N. Regnault5, J. Rich1, M. Spiro1, A. Vidal-Madjar2, L. Vigroux1, S. Zylberajch1
For the EROS collaboration(s)

EROS 2 (Experience de Recherche d'Objets Sombres) conducted a survey of the SMC between July 1996 and February 2003 in two EROS broad-band colours, V_E and R_E. The photometric data of 4.2 million stars have been searched for behaviour typical of R Coronae Borealis (RCB) candidates such as drastic changes in magnitude. Five objects have been found, four of them being catalogued in the Simbad database as RAW 21, RAW 233, RAW 476, and [MH95] 431 with confirmed carbon-rich atmospheres, characteristic of RCB. From the EROS 2 light curve of RAW 21 and its spectrum reported by Morgan et al. (2003), we confirm that it is the first RCB to be found in the SMC. The other objects are new RCB candidates with absolute luminosity and colour close to those found for RCBs in the LMC. We propose that 2 of them are DY Per-like RCBs.
1:  DAPNIA - Département d'Astrophysique, de physique des Particules, de physique Nucléaire et de l'Instrumentation Associée
2:  IAP - Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris
3:  CASSIOPEE - Laboratoire de Cosmologie, Astrophysique Stellaire & Solaire, de Planétologie et de Mécanique des Fluides
4:  PCC - Physique Corpusculaire et Cosmologie - Collège de France
5:  LAL - Laboratoire de l'Accélérateur Linéaire
6:  LPNHE - Laboratoire de Physique Nucléaire et de Hautes Énergies
7:  LATT - Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de l'Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées
Physics/Astrophysics/Cosmology and Extra-Galactic Astrophysics

Sciences of the Universe/Astrophysics
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