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8th International Conference of Strangeness in Quark Matter, Los Angeles : États-Unis
Results from NA57
H. Helstrup, F. Antinori, P.A. Bacon, A. Badala, R. Barbera, A. Belogianni, I.J. Bloodworth, M. Bombara, G. Bruno, S.A. Bull, R. Caliandro, M. Campbell1, W. Carena1, N. Carrer1, R.F. Clarke, A. Dainese, D. Di Bari, S. Di Liberto, R. Divia, D. Elia, D. Evans, G.A. Feofilov, R. Fini, P. Ganoti, B. Ghidini, G. Grella, K.F. Hetland, A.K. Holme, A. Jacholkowski, G.T. Jones, P. Jovanovic, A. Jusko, R. Kamermans, J.B. Kinson, K. Knudson1, V. Kondratiev, I. Kralik, A. Kravakova, P. Kuijer, V. Lenti, R. Lietava, G. Lovhoiden, V. Manzari, M.A. Mazzoni, F. Meddi, A. Michalon2, M. Morando, P.I. Norman, A. Palmeri, G.S. Pappalardo, B. Pastirak, R.J. Platt, E. Quercigh, F. Riggi, D. Rohrich, G. Romano, K. Safarik1, L. Sandor, E. Schillings, G. Segato, M. Sene3, R. Sene3, W. Snoeys1, F. Soramel, M. Spyropoulou-Stassinaki, P. Staroba, R. Turrisi, T.S. Tveter, J. Urban, P. van de Ven, P. Vande Vyvre1, A. Vascotto1, T. Vik, O. Villalobos Baillie, I. Vinogradov, T. Virgili, M.F. Votruba, J. Vrlakova, P. Zavada
For the NA57 collaboration(s)

The NA57 experiment has measured strange baryon and antibaryon production in Pb-Pb collisions at 40 A GeV/c and 158 A GeV/c beam momenta. Expansion dynamics has been investigated; transverse dynamics using blast wave fits, longitudinal dynamics obtained from rapidity distributions. HBT analysis gives results compatible with those obtained by the other methods. Similar values are observed for the transverse and longitudinal ow parameters. Particles carrying all levels of strangeness have been studied. Enhancement factors increase with the strangeness content of the particle, reaching above 20 for $\Omega$s in central collisions. Enhancement values are strikingly similar for SPS and RHIC energies. Centralto-peripheral nuclear modication factors have been measured. The baryon/meson pattern displays similarities with that observed at RHIC
1:  CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research
2:  DRS-IPHC - Département Recherches Subatomiques
3:  PCC - Physique Corpusculaire et Cosmologie - Collège de France
Physics/Nuclear Experiment

Physics/High Energy Physics - Experiment
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