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Effects of ionizing radiation on the hollandite structure-type: $Ba_(0.85)Cs_(0.26)Al_(1.35)Fe_(0.77)Ti_(5.90)O_(16)$
Abdelouas A., Utsunomiya S., Suzuki T., Grambow B., Advocat T. et al
The American Mineralogist 93 (2008) 241-247 [in2p3-00256890 - version 1]
fulltext access Modeling the complexation properties of mineral-bound organic polyelectrolyte: An attempt at comprehension using the model system alumina/polyacrylic acid/M (M = Eu, Cm, Gd)
Montavon G., Markai S., Ribet S., Rabung T., Geckeis H. et al
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 305 (2007) 32-39 [in2p3-00128627 - version 1]
Oxidation and dissolution rates of $UO_2$(s) in carbonate-rich solutions under external alpha irradiation and initially reducing conditions
Suzuki T., Abdelouas A., Grambow B., Mennecart T., Blondiaux G.
Dans Radiochimica Acta - Migration, France [in2p3-00145726 - version 1]
Correlation between X-ray chemical shift and partial charge in Tc(IV) complexes: Determination of Tc partial charge in $Tc_nO_y^((4n-2y)+)$
Poineau F., Fattahi M., Grambow B.
Dans Radiochimica Acta - Migration, France [in2p3-00145544 - version 1]
Coprecipitation of thorium and lanthanum with $UO_(2+x)$(s) as host phase
Rousseau G., Fattahi M., Grambow B., Boucher F., Ouvrard G.
Dans Radiochimica Acta - Migration, France [in2p3-00145542 - version 1]
Immobilization of inert TRISO-coated fuel in glass for geological disposal
Abdelouas A., Noirault S., Grambow B.
Journal of Nuclear Materials 358 (2006) 1-9 [in2p3-00137325 - version 1]
L'imagerie médicale 3 gammas - Nuclear imagery 3 gammas
Martino J.
Médecine Nucléaire 30 (2006) 613 [in2p3-00131412 - version 1]
Which radionuclides will nuclear oncology need tomorrow?
Barbet J., Chatal J.-F., Gauché F., Martino J.
European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging 33 (2006) 627-630 [in2p3-00131391 - version 1]
Sorption of Cs, Ni, Pb, Eu(III), Am(III), Cm, Ac(III), Tc(IV), Th, Zr, and U(IV) on MX 80 bentonite: An experimental approach to assess model uncertainty
Grambow B., Fattahi M., Montavon G., Moisan C., Giffaut E.
Dans Radiochimica Acta - Migration, France [in2p3-00117310 - version 1]
fulltext access Novel phosphate-phosphonate hybrid nanomaterials applied to biology
Bujoli B., Roussière H., Montavon G., Laïb S., Janvier P. et al
Progress in Solid State Chemistry 34 (2006) 257-266 [hal-00022455 - version 1]
Chemical basis properties of 211-astatine, a potential radionuclide in alpha-immunotherapy
Alliot C., Montavon G., Chérel M.
Euchems, Hongrie [in2p3-00110711 - version 1]
fulltext access Comparison of complexed species of Eu in alumina-bound and free polyacrylic acid: A spectroscopic study
Montavon G., Hennig C., Janvier P., Grambow B.
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 300 (2006) 482-490 [in2p3-00110680 - version 1]
Experimental evidence for the influence of the excitation wavelength on the value of the equilibrium constant as determined by Time-Resolved Emission Spectroscopy (TRES)
Billard I., Montavon G., Markai S., Galindo C.
Radiochimica Acta 94 (2006) 275-282 [in2p3-00107386 - version 1]
fulltext access Study of the Interaction of Ni$^(2+)$ and Cs$^+$ on MX-80 Bentonite; Effect of Compaction Using the "Capillary Method"
Montavon G., Alhajji E., Grambow B.
Environmental Science & Technology 40 (2006) 4672-4679 [in2p3-00097254 - version 1]
Water diffusion in the simulated French nuclear waste glass SON 68 contacting silica rich solutions: Experimental and modeling
Ferrand K., Abdelouas A., Grambow B.
Journal of Nuclear Materials 355 (2006) 54-67 [in2p3-00091677 - version 1]
Strontium binding by calcium silicate hydrates
Tits J., Wieland E., Müller C.J., Landesman C., Bradbury M.H.
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 300 (2006) 78-87 [in2p3-00089908 - version 1]
Measurement and modeling of the surface potential evolution of hydrated cement pastes as a function of degradation
Pointeau I., Reiller P., Macé N., Landesman C., Coreau N.
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 300 (2006) 33-44 [in2p3-00089893 - version 1]
Behaviour of spent HTR fuel elements in aquatic phases of repository host rock formations
Fachinger J., Den Exter M., Grambow B., Holgersson S., Landesman C. et al
Dans Nuclear Engineering and Design - HTR-2004, Chine [in2p3-00077610 - version 1]
Condensation mechanisms of tetravalent technetium in chloride media
Poineau F., Fattahi M., Montavon G., Grambow B.
Radiochimica Acta 94 (2006) 291-299 [hal-00069075 - version 1]
Speciation of technetium and rhenium complexes by in situ XAS-electrochemistry
Poineau F., Fattahi M., Den Auwer C., Hennig C., Grambow B.
Radiochimica Acta 94 (2006) 283-289 [in2p3-00069041 - version 1]