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Physical Review C 86 (2012) 057301
Search for the neutron-rich hypernucleus 9{\Lambda}He
M. Agnello, L. Benussi, M. Bertani, H. C. Bhang, G. Bonomi, E. Botta, M. Bregant1, T. Bressani, S. Bufalino, L. Busso, D. Calvo, P. Camerini, B. Dalena, F. De Mori, G. D Erasmo, F. L. Fabbri, A. Feliciello, A. Filippi, E. M. Fiore, A. Fontana, H. Fujioka, P. Genova, P. Gianotti, N. Grion, V. Lucherini, S. Marcello, N. Mirfakhrai, F. Moia, O. Morra, T. Nagae, H. Outa, A. Pantaleo, V. Paticchio, S. Piano, R. Rui, G. Simonetti, R. Wheadon A. Zenoni, A. Gal
For the FINUDA collaboration(s)

Search for the neutron-rich hypernucleus 9LHe is reported by the FINUDA experiment at DAFNE, INFN-LNF, studying (pi+, pi-) pairs in coincidence from the K-stop + 9Be --> 9LHe + pi+ production reaction followed by 9LHe --> 9Li + pi- weak decay. An upper limit of the production rate of 9LHe undergoing this two-body pi- decay is determined to be (2.3 +/- 1.9) 10-6/K-stop at 90% confidence level.
1:  SUBATECH - Laboratoire SUBATECH Nantes
Physics/Nuclear Experiment
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