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Radiotherapie des melanomes oculaires : bases physiques et radiologiques, techniques actuelles et perspectives d'avenir
Pignol J.P., Meyer L., Methlin A., Wagner J.P., Abbe J.C. et al
Bulletin du Cancer. Radiotherapie 0 (1994) 127-142 [in2p3-00021015 - version 1]
Hard photon interferometry in the reaction Xe + Au at 44 A MeV
Ostendorf R.W., Schutz Y., Lefevre F., Delagrange H., Matulewicz T. et al
Rapport de recherche (1994) [in2p3-00021012 - version 1]
Sub-barrier fusion of $^(64)$Ni + $^(100)$Mo
Denisov V., Royer G.
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 20 (1994) L43-L47 [in2p3-00021001 - version 1]
Study of energy deposition in heavy-ion reactions
Abgrall P., Haddad F., De la Mota V., Sebille F.
Physical Review C 49 (1994) 1040-1044 [in2p3-00021000 - version 1]
On the plane fragmentation barriers
Royer G., Haddad F.
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 20 (1994) L131-L135 [in2p3-00020991 - version 1]
Heavy ion colomb excitation and gamma decay studies of the one and two phonon giant dipole resonances in $^(208)$Pb and $^(209)$Bi
Mueller P.E., Beene J.R., Bertrand F.E., Halbert M.L., Olive D.H. et al
Nuclear Physics A 569 (1994) 123C-130C [in2p3-00016197 - version 1]
From stochastic phase-space evolution to brownian motion in collective space
Benhassine B., Farine M., Hernandez E.S., Idier D., Remaud B. et al
Nuclear Physics A 567 (1994) 663-684 [in2p3-00020976 - version 1]
From fission to scattering in the $^(100)$Mo (18.7 MeV/u) + $^(100)$Mo reaction within a microscopic dynamic approach
Haddad F., Royer G., Sebille F., Remaud B.
Nuclear Physics A 572 (1994) 459-476 [in2p3-00020975 - version 1]
Fluctuations of one-body observables
Burgio G.F., Bengassine B., Remaud B., Sebille F.
Nuclear Physics A 567 (1994) 625-636 [in2p3-00020974 - version 1]
Evidence for stopping in heavy ion collisions from a study of hard photon source velocities
Schubert A., Holzmann R., Hlavac S., Kulessa R., Niebur W. et al
Physical Review Letters 72 (1994) 1608-1611 [in2p3-00022463 - version 1]
Classical and quantum approach to light-particle correlations in intermediate-energy heavy-ion reactions
Erazmus B., Martin L., Lednicky R., Carjan N.
Physical Review C 49 (1994) 349-354 [in2p3-00020967 - version 1]
Search for an enhanced production of low energy pions in C($p, \pi^+)X$, Cu($p, \pi^+)X$, and Cu($p, \pi^0)X$ reactions for 300 MeV $\leq T_p \leq$ 400 MeV
Julien J., Bolore M., Gosset J., Hisleur J.M., Mougeot A. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 347 (1994) 181-184 [in2p3-00005169 - version 1]
Analyse de correlation de particules legeres selectionnees par calorimetrie neutronique dans la reaction $^(208)$Pb + $^(93)$Nb a 29MeV/u
Ghisalberti C.
Université de Nantes (1994) [in2p3-00020548 - version 1]