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From stochastic phase-space evolution to brownian motion in collective space
Benhassine B., Farine M., Hernandez E.S., Idier D., Remaud B. et al
Nuclear Physics A 567 (1994) 663-684 [in2p3-00020976 - version 1]
Nuclear matter with a pseudo-particle model : static bulk and surface properties
Idier D., Benhassine B., Farine M., Remaud B., Sebille F.
Nuclear Physics A 564 (1993) 204-216 [in2p3-00020986 - version 1]
Mean-field dissipation and fluctuations in heavy-ion reactions
Remaud B., Benhassine B., Farine M., Idier D., Royer G. et al
Dans Towards a Unified Picture of Nuclear Dynamics - Towards a Unified Picture of Nuclear Dynamics, Japon [in2p3-00021007 - version 1]